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“Wet behind the ears” copywriter has the cajones to make the lamest claim in marketing…

Do you have a tribe of business owners who want to make more sales or get more clients, but without resorting to high-pressure tactics that practically ooze sleaze?

Want to give them something – for FREE – that’ll help them do that… so they thank YOU!

(If you’re reading this on your phone, you might want to turn your phone to landscape so you don’t have to squint as much)

“Never Mind The Unsubscribes” is a 30 (ish) minute presentation I’m offering that shows business owners how to write emails that SELL.

If you’re starting from scracth and never heard of MailChimp, it will show you the fastest way to get started…

If you’re sitting on a list of 300 people, but haven’t emailed them in YONKS because you never know what to write about, you’ll discover an easy way to come up with all the email ideas you’ll ever need…

And if you’re presently an email superstar, regualrly mailing your list, you’ll pick up a few tips to get even MORE out of your email marketing…

Here’s what some people have said about my ability to teach email marketing…

“Having just completed John’s new flagship program – SENT – I can hand on heart say this is one of the best business decisions I have made in recent years.”

Here’s a bit of what you’ll discover the gold behind these intentionally overhyped bullets:

– The #1 lie you’re probably telling yourself about unsubscribes (even worse, believing this will COST you money)

– The “Unsexy Six” reasons you need to be using email marketing (including the biggie that hardly anyone ever talks about)

– The FIRST thing you should do if you’re brand new to email marketing (and it’s not “Google Mailchimp”. HINT: it’s something you’re already probably doing… you just need to do it differently)

– Want to discover the skill that turbocharges ALL of your marketing efforts (it’s surprisingly easy to learn – as long as you do it right – and I’ll show you what it is in the first five minutes)

– Ever wonder “how often I should email my list?”? DON’T! Answering that question could actualy PREVENT you from making sales from your emails. (I’ll give you a better question to ask instead)

– The “one” rule you need to follow when writing any email. Ignoring this simple rule will tank your sales, alientate your audience, and practically enocurage them to spend their money elsewhere

– The “content creating medication” that will give you 15 things to talk about in your emails

– The one word secret to asking for the sale… without sounding like a sleazeball

– How to use email to automatically meet one of the three things all clients look for before opening their wallet.

– How deliberating alienating your subscribers is a solid marketing strategy

– Starting from scratch? No problem. You’ll discover the only four steps to getting up and running… fast!

– The “hidden” menu on your phone which allows you to create emails that resonate with your audience

– The only question to ask if you want to stand out from the competition (and the 2,000-year-old man that first noticed it)

– The four letter word that INSTANTLY makes your emails memorable

… and much more!

If you’ve got a tribe of business folks and looking for an easy way you can help them make more sales, hit the buttons below to send me an email and let’s talk…

“Seven sales already!”

This has been FAR better than I ever thought, John. I have SO many notes in my Evernote from this course… it’s fantastic, what a bank of information to use for high-quality emails and SM posts. I can now take anything that happens or anything that HAS happened and turn it into a teachable lesson for my audience

(If you’re on your phone, feel free to flip it around to landscape, so you can read the words in the images without having to develop Superman-like vision)

“John’s course is the ONLY one I have come across that actually teaches you the mechanics of writing emails that sound like YOU and not a template. I finally understood how to plan and structure emails and how to use storytelling and humour in a way that builds the know, like, and trust factors for my business. By applying the lessons, I wrote -hands down- the best email I’ve ever written for my business and I know now how to do it on repeat. Because John doesn’t just give you ‘the fish’. He teaches you how to ‘catch it’ yourself. Priceless!”Nadia Liapi 

“I fucking love this course.”

Jonny almost DOUBLED his interaction!

“John’s course was a diamond in the rough”

“It’s good to see the [‘Sent.’] skills transferring and getting results

“… worth every penny (and more!)… receiving ‘Sent.’ is like receiving a nugget of gold in my inbox.”

“Amazing info you can actually use… to create emails your people will actually read and probably fucking buy from.”

“The man is a copywriting God!”