How long should your copy be?

“It depends”.

Ask most copywriters how much copy you need to sell your shizzle and that is what you’ll hear.

It’s correct, but it’s also like being a UFC fighter with good penmanship – it’s no use whatsoever.

Truth is, there IS a “right” amount of copy.

Doesn’t matter if you’re selling a product, service, or your (or anyone else’s) body.

Here’s a good way to think about it:

In order to click the “buy” button, your customers need to know and believe some stuff.

The amount, and type of “stuff” will vary from business to business, but all customers need to know stuff before they click “buy”.

You’re mission, should you choose to accept it (and if you wanna sell shizzle, you probably should) is to create copy that serves up everything they need to know.

So, don’t worry about how long yours is.

Worry about your customers – think about what they need to know and believe to get from where they are to “Hell yes! I’m in”!

THAT’S how much copy you need.

“Oh god…”

I’ve never been what you’d call a “natural” performer.

I’m also terrible at giving advice.

I’m also pretty darn new to this whole “helping business owners sell more stuff” thing.

Given this shocking blend of skills, I’m CLEARLY the ideal candidate to make a podcast/video series where I dish out small nuggets of advice to business owners to help make their business life more profitable, right?

Don’t worry, it’s nothing too complicated, so put away the flipcharts and multi-coloured pens…

It’s just gonna be quick tips and tricks you can use to sell more stuff.

If that sounds like the kinda thing you’re into, you can pull up a chair in audio or video form here:

Podcast: https://insertgaghere.com/podcast

YouTube: https://insertgaghere.com/video

… and prepare to witness the most shockingly produced media content out there.

Oh, and if you’ve got any questions you’d like me to answer, let me know.

(This thing is gonna devour content)

Five simple questions that will make your business writing more effective (and profitable!)

Before you sit down to write ANY form of copy/content for your business, ask yourself:

1) Who am I writing this to?

2) What do I want to tell them?

3) Why should they care?

4) What’s the simplest, most direct way I can communicate 2) & 3) to 1)?

5) What do I want them to do next, straight after reading?

Try it with the next piece of content you create and let me know how if it helps.


“All the emails” is an ever-growing collection of email templates business owners can use to keep their customers happy and earn more money from their list.

No need to do battle with the muse, while the flashing cursor of doom taunts you…

… cos I’ve done the fighting for you.

I’ve just added email number 61 to the doc – a funny automation you can plug into your system to ensure your list stays healthy and full of people who actually want to hear from you.

Not only do I give you the template, but I also explain WHY it works, so you can make it your own (without having to start from scratch).

How much for this priceless document, I hear you ask?

NAFF ALL, I respond.

Get it for nowt now by visiting https://insertgaghere.com/email/ and subscribing to my list.

There’s a whole host of other goodies you get for subscribing too, but I don’t want to distract you with shiny things.

If you wanna know what they are, click the link above and sign up. I think you’ll be happy you did.

But then again, I WOULD say that, wouldn’t I?

What do you want?

I know I don’t usually barge into your virtual letterbox on a Saturday, but I have a quick question for you.

A lot has changed over the past few months and I want to make sure that these emails are useful to you, so…

… what kind of content would you be most interested in right now?

(unfortunately, I have to limit this to business help. If you’re looking for a bit of extra girth or six-pack abs, I can’t help you)

Don’t worry I’m not looking for a response that rivals “War and Peace”…

… nor am I linking to a 3,000 question survey that’ll take 3 weeks to complete.

Just hit reply and let me know what you’d like to see more of.

One other thing – be selfish about this.

Don’t worry about what you think other people want. There’s a time for being noble and magnanimous, but…

… this is NOT IT.


So tap into your inner selfish jerk and tell me how I can help you best.

Here are a few to serve as inspiration:

‘My marketing is a bit dull. I’d like to liven it up a bit… you know, add a few laughs here and there. Is there any chance you could teach me more about using humour and personality in marketing?”

‘Every time I sit down and create something, my mind goes blank. BLANK! Any hints on how to make creating content a bit easier?”

‘My marketing doesn’t sound like me. I look at my sales pages and emails and they sound weird. They’re OK, but I don’t want my marketing to look like everyone else’s…

… I want it to look like something I actually wrote.’

‘Christ. If someone else says to me “you should start emailing your list..”, I’m going to lamp them. I KNOW I SHOULD BE EMAILING MY LIST, OK?…

… how do I start?’

‘More clients… NOW!’

(Remember… you’re a selfish jerk, so feel free to say “nuts to you, Holt… I’m adding my own!”)

Hit reply and let me know what would help you most.

Don’t worry, if everything is hunky-dory for you right now, I don’t want you missing out on the joys and emotional highs you get when replying to my email, so feel free to tell me either your most beloved type of pick ‘n’ mix sweets, or your third favourite Nottingham Forest footballer. 

Have a great weekend,