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I want you to take advantage of me…

If you’re a business-owning, self-employed, freelancer-type person, now’s the perfect time to take advantage of me.

I’ll tell you why in a second. First…

Here’s HOW to do it:

Visit my website and sign up for my email list.

Why should you do that?

I’ll tell you why… when you sign up, you’ll get access to my GOOGLE DRIVE OF AWESOMENESS!!!!

I know that sounds terrifically shit, but it’s actually pretty useful. It’s got a load of goodies for you in there, including – email writing prompts, guides on how to be funny in your marketing, the approach I used to land some heavyweight copy clients with ZERO experience, ZERO connections, and (probably) ZERO talent!

… and much more! (Copywriters always do that)

The reason you should sign up now?

Because I don’t have anything to sell you.

I’m full to bursting with client work for the next year or so, so I won’t be flogging any copywriting.

My email writing course “Sent.” is going back in the vault for a while, so you can’t get your hands on that either.

Oh… well, I do sell “Coffee Critiques” for £30, but that’s it. And I hardly talk about those.

(The fact you have no idea what they are is pretty darned good proof of that)

So, yeah… now’s the perfect time to take advantage of me by picking up a whole bunch of business-boosting freebies… without wondering when you’re going to get slapped with an unwelcome upsell.

Here’s the link if you’re interested:

Social promo post (deadline day)

If you’re a business owner who’s sick of doing battle with the flashing cursor of doom, I should probably tell you about “Sent.” – my email writing course for business owners who want a simple approach to writing an email that actually sounds like they wrote it.

No cookie-cutter templates or pre-written “fill in the gaps” emails…

Instead, I give you a simple step-by-step approach to writing emails that are unmistakably YOU.

Trouble is… because I’m a bit pants at the “promote your shizzle on social media thing” and the deadline is TONIGHT.

Here’s a link to find out more about the course, but… here’s the gist of what you get:

* 15 Daily email lessons, guiding you through the complete approach

* Personal “hands-on” help every step of the way – through video feedback on your daily tasks, I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to write better, more compelling emails

* “The Checklist” – the ass-kicking framework that shows you exactly what you need to do to write a killer email (EXTRA BONUS: it also guarantees you’ll never have to face the blank page again!)

* Over 100 “stealable segues” you can copy and paste to make transitioning between sections of your email a doddle.

* The “Sorry I’ve been shit” email template you can use to easily re-engage your list (NOTE: this is the email ONLY template in the course)

* Video walkthrough of me using this approach in one of my own emails

* All your questions answered with full email support from me and my team (I’m lying, it’s just me) 

* Complete PDF of all lessons in one easy download for easy “what-the-hell-was-that-thingy-he-mentioned” recall later 

* BONUS VIDEO TRAINING – How to use the “Sent.” approach to write ANY sequence of emails you need – welcome, flash sale, upsell, etc…

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Happy to help.

How to come up with an endless bank of content ideas

If you’re not emailing your list as often as you’d like, it might be because you THINK you struggle for content ideas.

I say “think” because that’s a lie.

You DO have enough stories, ideas, hooks, and angles floating around in your head.

In fact, if you wanted to, you could probably be emailing your list 3 or 4 times a day with all the gold inside of you.

The problem is, you probably don’t know it’s there.

On Day 8 of my email writing course “Sent.”, I reveal my super-simple 3-step plan for creating all the content you’ll ever need.

Not only do I hand it to you on a paper plate (sorry, but they didn’t have any silver platters at Lidl), but I also PROVE it too…

… by showing you how I came up with seven email hooks just thinking about visiting a hotel.

I also include an “over the shoulder” video walkthrough of me showing, step-by-step, how I turned one of these hooks into an ACTUAL email I sent to my ACTUAL list, so you can copy this ACTUAL process for your ACTUAL self…


You don’t need a shelf full of content planners, prompts, and journals to create an endless bank of stories to talk about in your emails or social posts.

You just need three steps, and on day 8 of “Sent.”, I’ll give ‘em you.

You can find out more about “Sent.” by clicking here.

“Sent.” is my writing course for business owners who wants to learn a simple approach to writing an email that actually sounds like they wrote it.

It’s 15 daily emails (and a whole bunch of extra goodies) taking you through the approach, with daily exercises AND my “hands-on” help and feedback every step of the way.

There are no templates (actually, that’s a lie… there is one, and when you click the link, you’ll see what it is).

If you’re a copywriter or a business owner who’s happy sitting down facing the blank page and cranking out an email, “Sent.” probably isn’t for you.

Sure, you will probably learn some cool things, but if you have an approach that’s working for you, my advice is to stick with it.

(If it ain’t broke, right?)

But if you’re a business owner, freelancer, or entrepreneur who wants a simple system to help them write engaging emails that don’t sound the same as every bugger else…

AND get my personal critique and feedback on your emails as you progress… 

“Sent.” could be for you.

No pressure, but the doors close for the next class on Friday, 18th June at midnight (UK time).

If you’ve got any questions, please ask. I’m happy to help as much as I can.

Have a great Sunday!

Which of these would help you best?

1. 61 “ready to go” email prompts you can use to keep your subscribers happy and engaged (if you email your list once per week, that’s over a YEAR’S worth of emails.)

2. Discovering the secrets to being funny – my “Five Days To Funny” PDF will show you a simple system you can follow to create your own gags, so people will think you’re hilarious (without you having to rely on tired memes and hack jokes 

3. Learning the 5 simple steps you can follow to make your writing clearer, more compelling, and more persuasive too – I’ve got a 20-minute training where I lay it all out (and a few more tips too)

4. Never send a dull email again – want 6 things you can do TODAY to ensure your emails are never referred to as “meh” by the gals in Lidl again? I’ve got you.

5. Seeing how a copywriter with no experience and no connections (Hi!) landed 3 sweet gigs in 2020 – with some big kahuna clients. No bribery or “we have your kids… here’s what I want you to do” ransom notes required – I’ll show you exactly what I did (including screenshots!)

6. Stealing my simple system for emailing your list without struggling to do battle with the blank page every single time.

7. Getting an email from me once or twice a week where I share something I think will make your life a little bit better. 

How can you choose right? It’s impossible.

Well, the good news is… you don’t have to choose.


And for the low, low price of $0.

Yes, that’s right… Zero dollars.


Yeah, you can have all that by signing up for my list. When you do, I’ll shoot you an email with access to the GOOGLE DRIVE OF AWESOMENESS!!!! where you’ll find all of that stuff (and a few more goodies too).

There’s no cost, unless you count the physical labour of clicking here and telling me where to send it.

If anything on that list sounds like something that would make your life easier, I hope you’ll check it out.

You don’t have to create an ideal client…

Struggling to create your perfect customer avatar?

Try this…

Instead of spending a frantic, stress-filled, probably Pomodoro-timed 30 minutes, etching your ideal client into a stone tablet…

… try coming up with people who are a TERRIBLE fit.

You heard.

Take the pressure of finding the perfect client, by eliminating all the bad ones.

Oh, and instead of making this a 30 minute, “exam condition”, silence please! –  exercise…

… keep it as a working doc on your phone, adding to it as you go.

See someone talking a bit too openly about their clients on FB and it makes you cringe?

Add “loose talking clients” to your list.

Hate it when clients are slow to respond, especially to emails that have invoices attached to them?

Add “slow payers” to the list.

Allergic to 1990’s kid’s news reporters whose surname rhymes with “shaven”?

Add “John Craven” to the doc.

You get the idea.

Over days, weeks and months, you’ll build up a picture of what you DON’T want in a client…

.. which will show you exactly what you DO want.