Sent. Emails

is this the worst sales video ever?

I’m going to let you in on a secret…

Even though “Insert Gag Here” started out as a “here’s why you should use humour in your marketing…” kinda thing…

The more I learned about marketing, copywriting, and animal husbandry, the more I realised I was wrong…

It was more than that.

It’s not just about being funny.

(Though, there is a lot to be be said for that.)

I realised that, in a world where every man and his sodding dog can get a website, open up a Zoom account, download some readymade copy templates for $7, and enter virtually any marketplace…

You HAVE to give customers a reason to choose you.

You HAVE to stand out.

You HAVE to separate yourself from the ever increasing competition.

Of course, being “Mr Funny” is one of the ways you can do that, but it’s a toughie.

Here’s an easier way:

Start being more YOU.

I know… pretty “woo woo”, right?

Truth is, if you’re looking for an easy way to stand out, being yourself is an easy-win.

Here’s why…

Even though “being yourself” sounds like a low bar… because most of your competition are looking for pre-written templates and scripts they can use 23 seconds after purchasing…

Being yourself automatically makes you different.

Think about it. If all your competition is using the same “copy and pasted” templates, how is your customer meant to tell the difference?

“Copy perfect” templates might look good, but as soon as your customer spots that there’s some templatin’ goin’ on…

You. Is. Busted.

Being yourself might mean you have “less than perfect” marketing, but it automatically gives your customer something to mentally grab hold of and think, 

“She’s different because…”

“Because…” can be the difference between having dream clients reach out to you, and you having to trawl bid sites, digging for scraps.

Obvisouly, I’m not saying you have to throw all your copywriting guides out the window.

(though if you do, be a love and chuck ‘em towards my post code, would you?)

Copywriting and marketing are powerful tools you should use, but do me a quick favour…

Think about the last person you invested in.

You chose them because…

The “because” makes them different. The because gave you a clear, compelling reason to choose THEM…

Maybe even a “no-brainer”.

Unless you invested in a copywriting course, I’m also guessing the “because” wasn’t “perfect copy” or “skillful deployment of emojis”.

Get a good “because” and you’ve got one hell of an edge.

Want an easy way to start giving your customers a “because”?

Start asking: “How would I do this?” more often.

(Emphasis on the “I”)

“How would I write this sales page?”

“How would I welcome someone onto my course?”

“How would I film a video sales letter?”

Oh! About that last one…

This is how I would film a video sales letter for my email marketing course “Sent.”, which starts on 26th April

If you know anything about video sales letters, you’ll find at least 3,243 things wrong with the above video.

I would NEVER write this for a client.

But when I asked myself, “How would I make a quick video, giving more info about my course?”

The video above is pretty much what I had in mind.

And this “how would I do this?” concept is one of the ideas I’ll be sharing in “Sent.” – my email marketing course for business owners who want to be able to sit down and write an email, but don’t know where to start.

It’s 15 days of interactive daily emails, videos, and also a live Zoom call to answer any questions.

There are no templates. Instead, I’m going to share a simple system anyone can follow to sit down, face the blank screen and write an email that sounds like you.

(I don’t want to boast, but if there was an award for the “least hypey promise ever”, I’m pretty sure I’d be coming home with the trophy)

As “Sent.” is my first ever course, I want to get this right, so I’m limiting the first class to 40 folk. That way, I can be as “hands-on” as possible.

(Don’t worry, I sanitised my hands in February!)

Not only that, but at £40, this is the lowest price it’ll ever be available.

Want in? Here’s the link:

[link removed]

If you’ve got any questions, hit reply and ask. Like I say, I want to get this right, so I’m happy to help as much as I can.



“Sent.” is OPEN!

(If you follow me on Facebook, you might think you’ve seen this already, but I’ve added a few extra deets for you)

Within my first year working as a copywriter, I was writing emails “pretending” to be two of the biggest names in internet marketing.

Not only that, but I was also working with probably the biggest, ass-kicking eCommerce email marketing guy on the planet.

I’m not telling you this to boast.

I’m telling you this so you might buy my new course. 😉

Before you throw your money at me, I should warn you…

“Sent.” is not a whizz-bang “complete guide to email copywriting”.

Nor am I giving you a gazillion and one “fill-in-the-blank” templates…

If you’re a copywriter or a business owner who’s happy with their email game, this ISN’T for you.

But… if you’re the kind of person who wants a simple, proven way of sitting down and writing engaging emails your audience actually read and reply to, but you don’t know where to start…

“Sent.” could be exactly what you need.

I’m sharing a simple system any business owner can follow to show up to the blank page, face the flashing cursor of doom and easily write an email that sells… without feeling like a sleazeball.

I’ll show you how to get endless content ideas, how to sell yourself (without feeling slimy), what to talk about, and why you NEVER have to start from a blank page.

As it’s my first course, and I want to make sure I get it right, places will be limited.

Also… for the first time around, it’ll be the most interactive it’ll ever be (I’ll be giving you personal feedback to make sure you – and I – get this right)

End result? If you’re in the first class, you’ll get better results… faster!)

Not only that, this first class will be the lowest price I ever offer “Sent.” at.

(£40, in case you were wondering)

If you want my “hands-on” help to take your email game to the next level…

This is the cheapest and easiest way to do it.

This is no ordinary course… it’s a daily interactive step-by-step process.

Every day, for 15 days, you’ll get an email from me, guiding you through the system and giving you daily bite-size challenges to complete that will turn you into an emailing machine.

I’m also planning on a few Zoom calls too – to help answer your questions and offer even more “hands-on” help.

No matter how bad your email game is now, in 15 days I can get you to the point where you’re easily banging out emails that generate sales.

The first “class” starts on 26TH APRIL.

(Even though it’s a daily email, there’s no major time pressure, so if life gets in the way, you can binge read them at the weekend, or in a few weeks, so don’t worry about clearing your schedule)

The thing is… because I want to get this “right”, I’m going to limit the first class to about 20 people.

Any more than that and I’ll be mainlining coffee and staying awake till 3 am to keep up with the replies and feedback.

I’ll be talking about this more as we get closer to the date, but if you know you should be emailing your list, but don’t know where to start… and want my help…

Here’s the link to secure your place for the first intake of “Sent.”:

“Lowest price AND more “hands-on help with my email? I’m in, baby!”

Any questions, just ask.



P.S. I’m trying something…

As part of the promo for this, I thought it might be good fun to write the launch emails and copy for “Sent.” LIVE in my FB Group.

Time will tell whether this will end up in the “brilliant” or “WTF were you thinking?” bucket of Holt marketing ideas, but I thought it was an interesting experiment.

Anywho, if you want to see a potential real-life promotional car crash, you can join the Insert Gag Here FB group here.

P.P.S. If you were one of the “Holy Segmentation” folk who clicked a link, showing an interest in “Sent.” (or just wanted to bag a discount)… DON’T CLICK THE LINK ABOVE.

Instead, look for another email in your inbox with a special offer.