Sent. Emails

You up for a little roleplay?

You are?

Don’t worry, if things get a little too weird, just say the word “floccinaucinihilipilification” and we’ll stop…

Imagine that your favourite guru launches a new course…

You read the email, devour the sales page, and grab a towel to wipe up your drool.

It’s PERFECT – everything you wanted (and more!)

You look at the price.

When you regain consciousness, you sit down, steady yourself, and look at the price again…

It’s definitely “uncheap”, but still great value.

You want in.

You decide to check your bank balance…

When you regain consciousness…

You COULD buy it now, but you’d be eating beans until next week, when the payment that client promised you comes through.

You decide to play it safe and wait until next week.

After all, what’s the rush? You’ve quadruple checked the course deadline, and it isn’t for a couple of weeks, so you’re good.

You set an alarm on your phone, your watch, and write a reminder on your grandmother’s forehead so you can secure your place when the money comes in.

Two days before the payment is due, you get an email from your guru…


Turns out, despiite the deadline not being for another two weeks, the guru – without any mention – was limiting the course to only 50 people, so has closed the doors early.

How do you feel?


If the guru had let you know about the scarcity – the limited number of places – you’d have gone the “living the beans life for a week” route to make sure you didn’t miss out.

But because they DIDN’T tell you, you’ve missed out.

More than that, you feel like you’ve been robbed and cheated.

“If only they’d said…”

A lot of business owners struggle with scarcity.

I get it… no one wants to feel like a slimeball.

Here’s the thing about scarcity…

It’s only slimey and sleazy if you’re using FAKE scarcity tactics, like the “we’ve only got a limited nunmber of these digital courses in stock – when they’re gone, they’re gone!” brigade.

If you have something with genuine scarcity (a time-sensitive offer, limited number of places, or fast acting bonus), it’s your duty to let your customers know about it.

No need to hype it up – just be honest and use your words:

“The deadline to secure your space is tonight at midnight.”

“Next time I offer the course, it will be more expensive.”

“This is your last chance to get my daily feedback on your emails”

There’s nothing sleazy about scarcity.

There is however a lot sleazy about being a lying, cheating, shameless, scammy marketer who is happy to con money out of people to make an extra sale.

I go deeper into “sleaze-free scarcity” in “Sent.”, my email writing course, including sharing the three words that will always keep your pitches on the honest side of the tracks.

Coincidentally… those three examples of scarcity above?

They all apply to “Sent.”

The deadline IS tonight.

Next time I open the doors, it WILL be more expensive.

This IS your last chance to get daily 1-2-1 feedback on your emails.


I’ve NOT put a hard limit on the number of spots, so as long as you click the link below before midnight tonight, you won’t be disappointed by a “SOLD OUT” message:

Got questions? I’ve got answers (as long as it’s not Geography, I was always a bit pants at that).

John Holt

P.S. As an email marketing pro, I SHOULD have a “THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE” email scheduled to go out later…

However… the fact I used the word “SHOULD” in the last sentence tells you everythig you need to know…

I might send you an email later… I might not.

I just wanted to let you know in case you’re one of those folks who – like me – wait until the “LAST CHANCE” email to decide.

This might be your last chance.

Here’s the link again to find out more about the course:

How to sell to repeat customers (even if you’ve never sold a thing!)

My mate Steve sent one email to his list last week and sold 30 memberships.

You see, wh… wait a second…

Are you jumping ahead… thinking this email is going to try and convince you that email marketing is more powerful than Superman with over 3,517 LinkedIn connections…

… before seamlessly seguing into a “…and here’s a link for my email writing course?”

It’s not.

(That said, I will be popping a link to my course in the P.S. if you’re interested. I’m not totally stupid)

No, this is an email about the power of selling to repeat customers, and how to do it… even if you don’t have any.

Statistics vary wildly, with some marketing experts quoting that it’s 16 times easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to sell to a new one…

… and others, like my next-door neighbour, Doris quoting, “I KNOW IT’S YOU WHO’S BEEN STEALING MY MILK, HOLT!”

Whether you side with the marketing experts or potty mouth, calcium-deficient Doris though, the fact is:

Because they’re further along the magic “know, like, and trust” conveyor belt…

It’s easier to sell to an existing customer than a new one.

It takes effort, attention, and time to get new customers up to the “existing customer” level.

“Ah…”, you might interject, as you remove your monocle. “… that’s OK for you, but I’ve hardly got any customers yet.”

But you’d be wrong.

You might not have a list of people who’ve bought FROM you, but…

You do have a bunch of people who’ve bought INTO you.

You see, physically handing over money is just ONE of the many steps customers take along their way to becoming lifelong fans.

Subscribing to your email list and giving you permission to email them is another.

Sure, they not have contributed anything towards your weekly “big shop” but subscribers are not “new customers”.

They’ve bought into you.

That’s why you can get 30 paying members by sending one email to a list of folk who’ve never paid you any money…

It’s exactly how I managed to sell out the first round of “Sent.” in only 10 emails… from a list of just 300 “non-buyers”.

But this isn’t about “Sent.”.

It’s not even about email.

I bet you’re not even wearing a monocle, are you?

It’s a reminder that while it’s easy to think about your customers in terms of “buyers/non-buyers”, it’s helpful to look deeper… for the people who’ve bought INTO you.

People who:

– Subscribe to your email (the best kind, obvs)

– Reach out to ask questions because they value your opinion

– Leave thoughtful comments on social media posts (i.e. not the “needed this today” crowd)

Whether anyone has ever clicked your magic green “buy now” button or not, if you’ve been putting your ideas out in the world, you DO have people who’ve bought into you more than others…

It’s worth looking out for them.

John Holt

P.S. Of course, I’d be a total dummkopf if I didn’t have a link to my email writing course, “Sent.” SOMEWHERE in this email, so here it is…

Want to learn my simple approach to writing emails that actually sound like YOU wrote them, so you can sell more of your course/product/dog anal gland removal device?

>> Click here to find out more about “Sent.” <<

You’ll have to be quick, as the doors close on Friday at midnight.

And, because I recognise and love you for “buying in” to me and subscribing to my email, you can use the exclusive discount code [SUBSCRIBERS ONLY – SORRY] at checkout to get £10 off.

How to come up with an endless bank of content ideas

If you’re not emailing your list as often as you’d like, it might be because you THINK you struggle for content ideas.

I say “think” because that’s a lie.

You DO have enough stories, ideas, hooks, and angles floating around in your head.

In fact, if you wanted to, you could probably be emailing your list 3 or 4 times a day with all the gold inside of you.

The problem is, you probably don’t know it’s there.

On Day 8 of my email writing course “Sent.”, I reveal my super-simple 3-step plan for creating all the content you’ll ever need.

Not only do I hand it to you on a paper plate (sorry, but they didn’t have any silver platters at Lidl), but I also PROVE it too…

… by showing you how I came up with seven email hooks just thinking about visiting a hotel.

I also include an “over the shoulder” video walkthrough of me showing, step-by-step, how I turned one of these hooks into an ACTUAL email I sent to my ACTUAL list, so you can copy this ACTUAL process for your ACTUAL self…


You don’t need a shelf full of content planners, prompts, and journals to create an endless bank of stories to talk about in your emails or social posts.

You just need three steps, and on day 8 of “Sent.”, I’ll give ‘em you.

You can find out more about “Sent.” by clicking here.

“Sent.” is my writing course for business owners who wants to learn a simple approach to writing an email that actually sounds like they wrote it.

It’s 15 daily emails (and a whole bunch of extra goodies) taking you through the approach, with daily exercises AND my “hands-on” help and feedback every step of the way.

There are no templates (actually, that’s a lie… there is one, and when you click the link, you’ll see what it is).

If you’re a copywriter or a business owner who’s happy sitting down facing the blank page and cranking out an email, “Sent.” probably isn’t for you.

Sure, you will probably learn some cool things, but if you have an approach that’s working for you, my advice is to stick with it.

(If it ain’t broke, right?)

But if you’re a business owner, freelancer, or entrepreneur who wants a simple system to help them write engaging emails that don’t sound the same as every bugger else…

AND get my personal critique and feedback on your emails as you progress… 

“Sent.” could be for you.

No pressure, but the doors close for the next class on Friday, 18th June at midnight (UK time).

If you’ve got any questions, please ask. I’m happy to help as much as I can.

Have a great Sunday!

A behind-the-scenes look at my “this is never gonna work” promotion plan for “Sent.”

I love comedy and copywriting for the same reason maths geeks love trigonometry…

… weird angles.

For example, in my stand-up act, I talk about the realisation I had when my wife asked to get a dog, so she could feel safe at home while I was out at night doing tricks for drunk people.

(If you didn’t know I was a magician in a previous life, the previous sentence might have conjured up some horrific imagery)

It didn’t occur to me until AFTER she bought our ferocious and fearless guard dog that, because it was a night-time replacement for me, the dog she chose would be a reflection of how she viewed me as a husband, father, and protector…

(For maximum cuteness, make sure you’ve clicked “display all images”)

Coming up with the weird angle of “whatever dog my missus buys is what she REALLY thinks of me” was the most fun part of writing that gag.

And it’s the same with copy – I love looking for new hooks and ways of thinking about things.

Promoting the next class of “Sent.” is a great example.

This will be the first time I’ve talked about it on social media.

The thing is… I’m shit at social media.

Not only am I useless at it… I don’t enjoy using it.

That said, I still want to experiment with it and explore different ways of selling “Sent.”.

Yeah, I could do a typical “launch” style sequence, but the comedian in me wants to try something new.

Here’s my idea…

Instead of a “here’s the big promise of the course and how many different ways it makes your life awesome”-type sequence.

(You know, the kind of launch successful business owners do…)

What if I did the opposite?

What if I came up with a series of posts that focused on what “Sent.” DOESN’T do?

I’m going to need to explain this, aren’t I?

Here goes…

Reading the testimonials and emails I got after the first round of “Sent.” made me realise that, despite my only real promise being to:

“Show business owners how to write an email that sounded like they wrote it…”

People were getting waaaaay more out of the course, including:

– Almost DOUBLING the amount of engagement they get on their emails

– More sales than ever

– Eliminating writer’s block once and for all

– Using the same framework to write killer social posts that got more likes, shares, and whatever the hell they do on TikTok

– No longer needing templates

– The confidence to finally hit “send”

– Writing their best emails ever

– Not worrying about how they compare to other folks in their newsfeed

– Running out of notebooks because they were having so many ideas of what to write about

– Using the framework in ANY type of interaction, including podcasts, videos, Lives, and networking pitches to get great results

… stuff like that.

“What if I came up with a whole bunch of short posts, talking about those ^^^^ things and using screenshots as social proof, instead of highlighting the actual promise of the course?”

Would that work?

I haven’t the foggiest. I suspect not, but the “new, shiny angle hunter” side of me is delighted to be giving it a bash.

Anyway, that’s how the “Surprisingly Splendid Side Effects of Sent.” was born…

You can see how I’m formatting the posts and how they’re faring on my Instagram page here:

(Spoiler alert: you’ll take one look at my design work and think “Did his dog do the design work too?”)

Feel free to like, share, and… oh my god even typing this makes me want to stab myself in the eyeballs…

Feel free to have a look if you’ve nothing better to do.

Oh, and if you were in the first class of “Sent.” and you experienced a “surprisingly splendid side effect” I haven’t mentioned…

… hit reply and let me know so YOU can be part of this devastating car wreck momentous moment in marketing history.

BTW, the doors close for round two of “Sent.” on Friday, the 18th of June at midnight (UK time).

If you want to find out more about the course, head over to this page:

If you decide it’s for you, don’t forget to use the coupon code [SORRY, SUBSCRIBERS ONLY] to save yourself £10 at checkout.

Have a great week,

John Holt

“Sent.” is back (and it’s got a sales page!)

“Oh my god… people PAY you to write this?”

That’s what you (yes, YOU) might be thinking in about 27 seconds…

(Don’t say I didn’t warn you)

The greatest email marketing course (I’ve ever created) is BACK!

That’s right, “Sent.” is returning for round two!

I’m still tinkering with the sales page, but as a member of my “email-only” club, I thought I’d give you an early “heads up” before I start promo-ing the heck out of it on social.

The next class starts on Monday, June 21st, but a few things have changed, so before you go clicking links, make sure you read this ema…

(Godammit… you’re already looking for the blue link, aren’t you?)

The first thing that’s changed is that the price has gone up to £69. Couple of reasons for this: 

1. I knew I’d underpriced it last time. That was intentional. 

This was my first ever course. The last thing I want to be worrying about is, “are they getting value?”. 

I wanted to focus on making it as awesome as possible and pricing it at a steal was the best way to help me do that…

… so that’s what I did.

2. The students in the first class TOLD me to raise it:

Please, please charge more in the future as this was a steal!!”

“I hope you more than double the price for the next intake”

“ I think you could put an 0 on the price. In fact, to go guru I would say it would stand £497”

To be honest, I think £497 is a bit of a stretch (plus, there’s also my “ending prices in ‘7’” allergies to consider), so I’ve bumped it to £69.

It’s still a bloody steal, but at least my ego is heading in the right direction.

The second thing that’s changed? Even though I’ll be on hand to answer any questions and help you get the most from it… I am no longer offering daily critique and feedback on the exercises.

To be fair, this isn’t a massive change, as I’ll still be there to help guide you if you need it, but it’s enough of a difference I feel the need to mention it.

That said, if you still want to head over and see the ugliest sales page you’ll see today, here’s where you can find it:

As a fierce and loyal subscriber, I’ve also got a special discount code for you but, being a man of mystery, I’m not telling you how much of a discount it is.

Here’s the discount code to try in the “have a discount code?” section (please don’t share it)


Any questions? Hit reply and ask. I’m happy to help.

Have a great weekend.


P.S. One more quote about the course, you say? Go on then…

John has seriously blown it out of the water with this course.

I’ve gone into previous courses looking for copywriting enlightenment and come out confused and dazed with a bag full of concepts and ideas in one hand, templates in the other and no idea what I was meant to do with either of them.

SENT is completely different. John not only takes you step by step through how to structure an email,but how to make it your own through by humour, emotions and storytelling that is guaranteed to engage your audience.

And if you’re concerned about coming out of it with all the knowledge, but still be faced with the blank page of doom, I promise you that’s going to be the least of your worries. The lesson on how to never run out of ideas is no false promise! I’ve running out of notebooks to put them in!

The man is a Copywriting God!”

DISCLAIMER: I’m NOT a god. I’m just a man with a course… and a sales page: