Behold: the world’s worst “last chance” email

There are only five hours left before the doors close for “Sent.” – my email writing course for business owners looking for a simple approach to sitting down and writing an email that actually sounds and feels like they wrote it.

If that sounds like the kind of thing you’re interested in, you can click here to find out more.

With five hours to go, most marketers would be in full-on “LAST CHANCE… THIS IS IT… THEY THINK IT’S ALL OVER… SHE’S ABOUT TO SING… DON’T MISS IT… DOORS CLOSING…” mode.

Not me.

Like most business owners, I can do a lot in five hours.

Hell, I’ll probably have at least four world-changing, business-related brain farts in those 300 minutes.

Not only that, but I’ll also have time to mock up some logos in Canva, make some vague “don’t you love it when new ideas hit you? Excited…” posts on social media, and have half the launch emails written, ready to go…

Oh! Speaking of which…

One of the bonuses you get when you sign up for “Sent.” is a video training where I share how to use my approach to write ANY sequence of emails.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a welcome, flash-sale, upsell, launch, abandoned cart, or an “Oi! Your Gran just ran over my penguin and I demand vengeance” sequence…

The bonus training I give you on day 15 will show you how to use the “Sent.” framework to write it.

Is it enough to turn you into an A… B… J-List copywriter like me?

Probably not, but you’ll know enough to write a pretty solid sequence that’ll do the job.

Like I say, no rush… you’ve got about 17,967 seconds to have a look at the sales page, read the reviews, and decide if you want to jump in.

No hard feelings if not.

Here’s the link again if you’re interested:

(Don’t forget to use the code [subscribers only = soz]at checkout to save £10)

Either way, have a fab weekend.

John Holt

P.S. Reading this bit? In that case, you only have 17,948 seconds…

You up for a little roleplay?

You are?

Don’t worry, if things get a little too weird, just say the word “floccinaucinihilipilification” and we’ll stop…

Imagine that your favourite guru launches a new course…

You read the email, devour the sales page, and grab a towel to wipe up your drool.

It’s PERFECT – everything you wanted (and more!)

You look at the price.

When you regain consciousness, you sit down, steady yourself, and look at the price again…

It’s definitely “uncheap”, but still great value.

You want in.

You decide to check your bank balance…

When you regain consciousness…

You COULD buy it now, but you’d be eating beans until next week, when the payment that client promised you comes through.

You decide to play it safe and wait until next week.

After all, what’s the rush? You’ve quadruple checked the course deadline, and it isn’t for a couple of weeks, so you’re good.

You set an alarm on your phone, your watch, and write a reminder on your grandmother’s forehead so you can secure your place when the money comes in.

Two days before the payment is due, you get an email from your guru…


Turns out, despiite the deadline not being for another two weeks, the guru – without any mention – was limiting the course to only 50 people, so has closed the doors early.

How do you feel?


If the guru had let you know about the scarcity – the limited number of places – you’d have gone the “living the beans life for a week” route to make sure you didn’t miss out.

But because they DIDN’T tell you, you’ve missed out.

More than that, you feel like you’ve been robbed and cheated.

“If only they’d said…”

A lot of business owners struggle with scarcity.

I get it… no one wants to feel like a slimeball.

Here’s the thing about scarcity…

It’s only slimey and sleazy if you’re using FAKE scarcity tactics, like the “we’ve only got a limited nunmber of these digital courses in stock – when they’re gone, they’re gone!” brigade.

If you have something with genuine scarcity (a time-sensitive offer, limited number of places, or fast acting bonus), it’s your duty to let your customers know about it.

No need to hype it up – just be honest and use your words:

“The deadline to secure your space is tonight at midnight.”

“Next time I offer the course, it will be more expensive.”

“This is your last chance to get my daily feedback on your emails”

There’s nothing sleazy about scarcity.

There is however a lot sleazy about being a lying, cheating, shameless, scammy marketer who is happy to con money out of people to make an extra sale.

I go deeper into “sleaze-free scarcity” in “Sent.”, my email writing course, including sharing the three words that will always keep your pitches on the honest side of the tracks.

Coincidentally… those three examples of scarcity above?

They all apply to “Sent.”

The deadline IS tonight.

Next time I open the doors, it WILL be more expensive.

This IS your last chance to get daily 1-2-1 feedback on your emails.


I’ve NOT put a hard limit on the number of spots, so as long as you click the link below before midnight tonight, you won’t be disappointed by a “SOLD OUT” message:

Got questions? I’ve got answers (as long as it’s not Geography, I was always a bit pants at that).

John Holt

P.S. As an email marketing pro, I SHOULD have a “THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE” email scheduled to go out later…

However… the fact I used the word “SHOULD” in the last sentence tells you everythig you need to know…

I might send you an email later… I might not.

I just wanted to let you know in case you’re one of those folks who – like me – wait until the “LAST CHANCE” email to decide.

This might be your last chance.

Here’s the link again to find out more about the course:

Video for [FIRSTNAME]

I shot you a quick video to:

a) Share a super-useful – but little-known – screen capture program that gives you an unlimited amount of recordings (each up to 2 hours) for FREE!

b) Give you a peek at what the video feedback part of “Sent.” looks like, by weirdly and awkwardly critiquing one of MY emails

c) Save my hurty fingers from typing out a long-ass “there’s just one day left to join ‘Sent.’” type email

You can watch the video here.

The doors close for round two of “Sent.” TOMORROW at midnight.

Just so you know…

Next time I offer the course, it’ll not only be more expensive but because I plan on making it an evergreen offer, it won’t include “video feedback”.

Bottom line – if you’ve ever wanted me to send you a bunch of weird and awkward videos…

This is probably your last chance.

(Until I get that “Only Fans” thing up and running anyway!)

Here’s a link where you can find out more about “Sent.”

>> “I want weird and awkward videos landing in my inbox!” <<

If you do want in, don’t forget to flash your “email-only” members card at the door by using code [SUBSCRIBERS ONLY – SORRY] at checkout to get £10 OFF.

As always, if you’ve got any questions, hit reply and ask. I’m happy to help.

John Holt

How to sell to repeat customers (even if you’ve never sold a thing!)

My mate Steve sent one email to his list last week and sold 30 memberships.

You see, wh… wait a second…

Are you jumping ahead… thinking this email is going to try and convince you that email marketing is more powerful than Superman with over 3,517 LinkedIn connections…

… before seamlessly seguing into a “…and here’s a link for my email writing course?”

It’s not.

(That said, I will be popping a link to my course in the P.S. if you’re interested. I’m not totally stupid)

No, this is an email about the power of selling to repeat customers, and how to do it… even if you don’t have any.

Statistics vary wildly, with some marketing experts quoting that it’s 16 times easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to sell to a new one…

… and others, like my next-door neighbour, Doris quoting, “I KNOW IT’S YOU WHO’S BEEN STEALING MY MILK, HOLT!”

Whether you side with the marketing experts or potty mouth, calcium-deficient Doris though, the fact is:

Because they’re further along the magic “know, like, and trust” conveyor belt…

It’s easier to sell to an existing customer than a new one.

It takes effort, attention, and time to get new customers up to the “existing customer” level.

“Ah…”, you might interject, as you remove your monocle. “… that’s OK for you, but I’ve hardly got any customers yet.”

But you’d be wrong.

You might not have a list of people who’ve bought FROM you, but…

You do have a bunch of people who’ve bought INTO you.

You see, physically handing over money is just ONE of the many steps customers take along their way to becoming lifelong fans.

Subscribing to your email list and giving you permission to email them is another.

Sure, they not have contributed anything towards your weekly “big shop” but subscribers are not “new customers”.

They’ve bought into you.

That’s why you can get 30 paying members by sending one email to a list of folk who’ve never paid you any money…

It’s exactly how I managed to sell out the first round of “Sent.” in only 10 emails… from a list of just 300 “non-buyers”.

But this isn’t about “Sent.”.

It’s not even about email.

I bet you’re not even wearing a monocle, are you?

It’s a reminder that while it’s easy to think about your customers in terms of “buyers/non-buyers”, it’s helpful to look deeper… for the people who’ve bought INTO you.

People who:

– Subscribe to your email (the best kind, obvs)

– Reach out to ask questions because they value your opinion

– Leave thoughtful comments on social media posts (i.e. not the “needed this today” crowd)

Whether anyone has ever clicked your magic green “buy now” button or not, if you’ve been putting your ideas out in the world, you DO have people who’ve bought into you more than others…

It’s worth looking out for them.

John Holt

P.S. Of course, I’d be a total dummkopf if I didn’t have a link to my email writing course, “Sent.” SOMEWHERE in this email, so here it is…

Want to learn my simple approach to writing emails that actually sound like YOU wrote them, so you can sell more of your course/product/dog anal gland removal device?

>> Click here to find out more about “Sent.” <<

You’ll have to be quick, as the doors close on Friday at midnight.

And, because I recognise and love you for “buying in” to me and subscribing to my email, you can use the exclusive discount code [SUBSCRIBERS ONLY – SORRY] at checkout to get £10 off.

Never use this approach when asking for directions

I need you to know something…

What I’m about to tell you ACTUALLY happened.

It’s not that this is a crazy story or anything but, when you read it, you’ll definitely think, “yeah, right…”, but honestly…

It happened.

I’ll admit there’s a good chance that selective/exaggerated memory bias or whatever is playing a part in me (mis)remembering this, but honest to [insert your choice of deity here]…

This is EXACTLY how I remember it going down…

(“Going down” does make me sound cool, right?)

– – –

I studied marketing at Uni in 1994.

(Yeah, I know the year probably isn’t relevant, but in seven seconds I’m going to use the words “Sony Discman” and I didn’t want my prehistoric age to shock you)

The journey to Uni took about an hour, so I got myself a Sony Discman (I did warn you) to keep me, and the voices in my head, happy during the commute.

As I was walking to the train station, listening to Enya some banging, hardcore, death metal, a man approached me. I could see he was talking and trying to get my attention but, due to being entranced in the soothing, Celtic melody, I had no idea what he was saying, so…

I reached inside my jacket, pulled out my Glock, and wasted the SOB.

… and by “pulled out my Glock, and wasted the SOB”, I mean “so I could hit stop so I could hear him.”

“Sorry…”, I said, apologising for doing absolutely nothing wrong – a habit I would continue well into my forties. “… I was listening to music, so I didn’t hear you.”

“Yeah, well if you didn’t have fucking headphones in, I wouldn’t have to repeat myself… now can you tell me where the Harrington building is please?”

(I did warn you you wouldn’t believe me, but that’s EXACTLY how I remember it happening)


I couldn’t believe it.

Had listening to music had been made illegal while I was learning about Philip Kotler and his marketing mix*?

(FYI – Phil Kotler’s Marketing Mix… not his best album)

The man stared at me.

It was my turn to speak. I had to say something. The way I saw it, I had two options…

I decided to be the bigger man… to make Gandhi proud… so I kindly and magnanimously gave him directions…

… to the Leighton building… on the opposite side of town.

– – –

Hopefully, you don’t need me to tell you why this guy’s approach isn’t one you should model when asking for directions.

Thing is, it’s the same when you’re asking people to do ANYTHING – it doesn’t matter whether you’re wanting them to click a link to buy your course, share your latest post, or marry your sister to break the evil curse…

There’s a right and a wrong way of asking people to do stuff.

Sure, you could try the “overly aggressive, swearing, and borderline abusive” approach.

If it gets you anywhere, let me know.

I know a lot of business owners worry about “calls to action” in their emails – the part where they ask subscribers to take action. That’s one of the reasons I dive into it on day 10 of “Sent.” – my email writing course for business owners who want to learn how to write an email that actually sounds like them.

Not only do I do my damndest to take all the stress and worry out of CTAs but, to make your life even easier, I give you a simple formula you can follow to create CTAs that get clicked.

The bad news is the deadline to secure your spot in the next class is coming up fast – Friday the 18th June at Midnight (UK time).

Next time around, the course will be a little pricier and have less “hands-on” feedback.

If you want to find out more about how “Sent.” can help you take your email marketing to the next level, so you can get more engagement, maybe more sales, and a much better chance of finding the Harrington Building…

Click here before the doors close on Friday.

(Don’t forget to use your “email club” coupon code [SUBSCRIBERS ONLY] to get an extra tenner off!)

John Holt

P.S. Oh, and if you’re THAT guy… the one that yelled at me all those years ago at uni…

To show there’s no hard feelings… I’ve got a special price for you on this page.

* I’m genuinely amazed I still remember that. DON’T ask me anything about it.