An extraordinary bet

The first bet I ever placed on a horse is extraordinary for just ONE reason…

It wasn’t the fact it was my first bet…

Or that I’d never been into a betting shop before…

Or that I had to suffer the embarrassment of not only asking the cashier HOW to place a bet, but also because I had to go full-on “Oliver Twist” and ask…

“Please sir… can you read the names of the horses?”

… as I’d forgotten the name of the one I was betting on.

No, my first bet was extraordinary because despite having just shy of a grand in my bank account…

… I’d withdrawn £500 of it and was placing it all on this horse…


(and it did!)

I’ll tell you the full story behind this “sounds-totally-illegal-but-actually-isn’t-please-don’t-call-the-cops” scheme later but, for now, here’s the lesson:

You don’t have to know HOW or WHY something works to profit from it.

I know. It seems wrong to think you can make money AND have 100% confidence in an idea… even if you haven’t got the foggiest idea what’s going on.

But it’s true.

Marketing’s the same.

Just like I didn’t need to know anything about horse racing to place a winning bet…

You don’t need to know anything about copywriting to create words that sell.

Just pick up a coffee critique and I’ll do it for you.

You give me your words… I’ll show you how to make them better.

Doesn’t have to be a sales page or a pitchy email either…

It can be anything collection of words you’d like a copywriter to cast his eye over and improve.

So if you want me to look over your cold email, social media bio, or website copy, I’m happy to do that too.

Here comes the scarcity bit…

Because I’m trading time for money (I’m still saving up for a life-size cutout of Robert Kiyosaki), I only have a few spaces available.

That’s why, even if you’re a little bit interested, you should probably click this link:

Let me know if you have any questions.


P.S. There’s a few testimonials on that page, but here’s one I haven’t got round to adding yet:

“John’s copy critique may well have been the best £X I’ve ever spent (I can’t remember how much it was but it was too cheap).

He gently pulled my sales page apart in a very loving manner, before putting it back together in a much clearer and compelling way.

Heck, even I’d buy from me now and I get it for free.

Get a copy critique or regret it forever.”

(I love a testimonial that provides some “couldn’t-have-said-it-better-myself” link text.) 🙂

sig thing

Just wanted to make sure you saw the video I sent you yesterday where I give you three quick tips to help you create a super-signature that sells.

(I also read a book AND play the bongos in the video, if that swings it?)

A few folks have asked me to do a “thing” on super-signatures and, while I will probably do that at some point…

For now, this mini-training will cost you nowt.

It’s just waiting for you on the other side of the world’s easiest survey.

Hope you find it useful.


Have you heard of “super-signatures”?

It’s the thing you might have seen at the bottom of marketing emails.

It usually starts with:

“Also, when you’re ready, here are 68 bajillion ways you can pay me money…”

Seen ‘em before?

SS’s (oh man, I wish I hadn’t abbreviated that now) are a great way you can make more sales without feeling like you’re turning the screws on your audience and being a pitch in the @$$.

Do you have a super-signature?

If you don’t… would you like me to give you some super-quick tips so you can create one?

And if you already have one, would you like me to give you some super-quick tips to make yours even better?

I’ve just shot a quick video, revealing three ideas you can use to create your own “Secret Salesman” at the bottom of your emails.

(If you steal that “Secret Salesman” name, John, so help me God…)

There’s a non-monetary price to pay for the link though…

Stop clenching… it ain’t that.

It’s been a while since I asked how I can best help make your business life more fun and profitable.

Sorry about that.

I know this is a little weird, but I’m the kinda guy who wants to create stuff that makes you think, “Oh my. This IS tremendously useful. I don’t entirely regret opening this strange little man’s emails.”

So… you’ll find a link to the super-signature training video at the end of a very short – and easy* – three-question survey.

* You WERE paying attention in “Outer Mongolian Parliament Legislature 101” class, right?

Here’s a link to the survey.

Whether you click the link or not. Have a devastatingly awesome Monday.

John Holt

– – –

Also: when you’re ready, here are three ways I can help make your business life easier…

1. So you thought you’d dive down here and check out MY super-signature before deciding, did you? Clever, but fruitless. Here’s the link for the survey again

2. Did someone say “TAPAS”? No, of course they didn’t. I just needed a silly thing to put down for number 2. But if you thought that was silly….

3. MY NEW TAI LOPEZ BIKINI RANGE IS OUT NOW! And it’s selling fast. Honestly, if I were you, I’d click this bloody survey, just to put an end to this madness!

Two quick things you can steal from Troy Ericson

I can’t tell you how many emails I get saying,

“You know what would be awesome, John? If you were to make videos breaking down cool copywriting examples… explaining – in simple terms – not only what makes them work, but also…

… how I can be a lazy git and steal the idea for myself without having to go to copywriting school…”

Actually, I CAN tell you how many emails like that I get.


That doesn’t mean it’s a terrible idea though…

After all, if you’re a business owner who appreciates the value of good copy, but is too busy doing ALL OF THE THINGS to find time to sit down and learn how to translate your enthusiasm for profitable prose into action…

… why would you NOT watch a quick and easy video of a professional copywriter* doing it for you?

* I still can’t believe I’m talking about me here.

Welcome to…

“Here’s what I like about this…”

In the exciting first episode, I break down what I like about an email I received from Troy Ericson.

Not only that, but if you pay close attention, you may also notice:

– how terrible I am

– at writing bullet points

– for my own stuff

Nonsense to one side…

There are at least TWO big takeaways from Troy’s short message that ANY business owner can use to write better emails.

The best bit?

You’ll be able to use BOTH as soon as I reveal them.

(That’s right folks – no copywriting chops required!)

Here’s the link again.

Do me a favour? If you found this useful, let me know.

Matron only gives me 17 minutes of computer time a day, so I want to make sure I’m using it wisely.

Have a good Friday!


Don’t forget about this…

I’ve been doing a bunch of copy critiques lately and quite a few had the same problem.

While they were awesome at explaining what they did, what the benefits were, and it was clear who they were talking to, there was one thing they were missing.

When I tell you about it, you might think it’s kinda small and not worth bothering about.

“Oh yeah”, you might think, before adding, “I think they’ll be able to work that out on their own though…”

But I think you’re wrong.

It IS a big deal.

Enough teasing.

Here’s the ingredient they were missing:

Showing their audience how this will make their life easier…

“I do that in the secti…”

Wait. Don’t interrupt.

I’m not talking about how your thing makes their life easier, as they now spend their days basking in the baking Dubai sun, ordering pints of lager at £35 a pop, but rather…

… how your product makes getting [INSERT YOUR BIG BENEFIT HERE] so much easier.

In other words…

How easy is it to use your product?

Forget about big benefits, desires, and all that jazz for a second and think about how you can PROVE your product is so easy to use, Fisher-Price is hounding you because they want to buy the rights to it.

A lot of folk pile on the “THUD” factor – the “this is what you get” part.

“Sign up today and you’ll get 195 hours of videos… a gazillion and one templates… 68 workbooks… and today’s special, exclusive fast action bonus – carbon fiber matchsticks to keep your eyes open…”

There’s a problem with stacking so much awesomeness… it suddenly seems like a lot more work.

Before, your “simple, step-by-step plan” sounded easy, now…

… they’re booking a hillside retreat and three months off work just to make it through your $47 offer.

Courses have to be watched…

Templates have to be filled in and implemented…

New skills and habits have to be practiced over and over…

Don’t get me wrong, you can be swimming in dollars by selling courses and focusing on the end result, but the only way you can create an IMPACT is by getting your customers to actually USE your product.

Impact comes after implementation.

So if you’ve got something awesome, make it as easy to use as possible… and then SHOW THEM how bloody easy it is.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a copywriter banging out a load of quick videos on YouTube business owners can easily watch between Zoom meetings for some quick and easy marketing tips…

Or if you do something completely different for a living, like… I don’t know… write marketing words that sell stuff, and you want to sell your “day-by-day” email writing course that makes learning email easy because it’s delivered in bitesize chunks…

Who knows? Maybe you’re even – and this is a bit “out there” – someone who specialises in direct response… someone who can save business owners the time and hassle of learning how to write better copy with his (or her) dirt cheap critiques.

So instead of spending hours with their head in a copywriting book, they can just email their copy and he’ll (or she’ll) show them exactly what they need to do to sell more stuff…

(Just to pick three random, and wildly different, examples off the top of my head)

There are a few more layers to this idea, but I’ll save those for future emails.

Heck, you might even be doing this already. In which case, I have a gold star waiting for you.*

* I don’t. That was a lie.

Bottom line – if you want to sell more stuff… pile on the features and benefits, but don’t forget to check whether or not your “super-simple formula that almost works itself” now feels like some kind of Everest expedition.


P.S. I was going to pop my super-signature thingy in here, giving you nice handy links to my YouTube channel, email writing course, and “Coffee Critiques” but, for some reason – and I can’t quite put my finger on it – it feels like overkill…