Were you up at 2:17am? I nearly emailed you

Today is not going to be a good day…

Probably. I don’t know for sure as it hasn’t happened yet.

If history has taught me anything though, it’s that I’m not very productive after a restless night.

I’ve been up since 3 am. And I’m not virtue signalling there BTW.

You won’t find a “Hello insomnia my old friend 😢😢😢😢!” woe-is-me tweet or a “Look at me, crushing the shit out of my day, 2 hours ahead of the 5 AM Loser Club!” post adorning my Facebook wall.

You know why?

Cos I couldn’t find my bloody phone.  

I’m trying to get my sleep dialled in at the moment.

A few years ago, I was Vaynerchucking my way through life, staying up till 2 am and getting up at 7.

“Margaret Thatcher had only 4 hours of sleep”, I’d tell myself, forgetting she also looked like she survived on four hours of sleep.

Recently though, I’ve upped my game. I’ve switched off devices, cut my evening Red Bull consumption down to single figures, and hit the hay by 21:30.

I’m ready for retirement village life, yo.

The switch works well, unless…

I wake up at night.

If I do that, I’m screwed. Cos I’m one of those annoying people who wake up like this:

My missus won’t thank me for sharing this, but early on in our togetherness, I once woke up and said “I love waking up with you.”

Her response to this Hallmark movie-worthy moment?


Waking up early is bad for me.

That’s what happened today. As my crusty eyes opened at 2:17, my hamster brain immediately leaped straight on his wheel…

“You could write an email about waking up early…”

What?? No!! Shut up!

“You know you’re looking for some social media ideas? I think I have one….”


You ever seen a hamster try and stop one of those wheels?

Anyway… my noggin has been whirring since the early hours.

Today, at some point… I’m going to flag.

Ain’t enough Kenco in all of Amazon’s warehouses to prop me up.

But that’s OK, cos I is a professional.

I plan for this.

I’m like a Navy Seal. Or at least the one whose book I read:

“Prioritise and engage” – that’s what he said.

Or, in less shouty military language:

“Look around and decide what you need to do”

As entrepreneurs, shit happens. Sometimes a lot of shit.

You can time block your day full of big rocks, 80/20s, and W.I.N.’s, but you better be ready for when it goes wrong and the fan begins to whiff.

Don’t beat yourself up if something doesn’t go to plan, or you fall short.

Take a second to see where you are and figure out your next move.

We’re entrepreneurs. 

We’re problem solvers.

This is what we do.

Today, for me that means front-loading everything.

My goal is simple…

Tank myself full of caffeine and blast through my to do’s by lunch.

That way, when my hamster brain screams, “I’m out!” at 2pm, I’m good.

Right, that’s enough. 

I’ve a lot to do today and, what’s worse…


John Holt