How’s my segue? Call 1-800-CLUNKY

How’s my segue? Call 1-800-CLUNKY

Funny how your view of things can change…

Case in point – on this morning’s dog walk, a helicopter flew over.

Back where I used to live, that could only mean one thing:

“The Police are searching for a hoodlum”.

Where I am now, it still only means one thing. But a different thing:

“The guy opposite me’s Waitrose delivery has arrived”

You think I’m joking? I’m not.

Moving from one of the most deprived areas of the UK to living across the road from a man worth £950 million pounds shifts your perspective.

It’s like wanting to boost your click-thru rate…

Actually, that’s a lie. 

It’s absolutely NOTHING like boosting your email click-thru rate. 

It’s not even close.

But that absolutely WAS my next thought after seeing the chopper whizz by, scaring my fearless beast.

And that ^^^ – officially the world’s clunkiest transition ever – actually has a point:

The more you think about how life events can be turned into emails…

… the more transitions randomly appear in your head.

Truth is, I could’ve easily used the “perspective/changing environment” angle to smoothly segue into:

“When it comes to your marketing, here’s a simple way you can shift the perspective of your audience, so they’re more engaged…yadda yadda yadda”

But no. That would be too easy. And valuable.

Instead, I chose to give you an insight into how my brain works. So now you, me, and my court-ordered psychiatrist (Hey Dr. Tomlinson!) now have something in common.

If you struggle writing emails, or you’re OK starting them… but find yourself veering wildly into different tangents, ending up with something so knotty, even M Night Shyamalan gave up on it halfway through…

… you might have a transition problem.

The good news – it’s a reps thing. The more reps you put in, the easier it gets.

The bad news – YOU have to do the reps.

Transitions are a “groove” you get into.

But to get into the groove you’ve got to prove your love to meeeeeeeee. oh oh oh oh…

… create it first. That takes reps.

John Holt

P.S. Oh, and If you’re feeling brave…

There’s an “EXTREME LEVEL” transition exercise included with this.

All you need is an internet connection and the willingness to fly by the seat of your pants. You’ll even get to watch over my shoulder as I go first…