Does your audience care about your _____?

In an effort to cram more useful stuff into my noggin, I’ve taken drastic action…

I’ve finally started watching some of the 18,253 marketing courses I’ve bought in the last 23 minutes.

Writing about Breakthrough Advertising reminded me I have a long-lost video of Eugene Schwartz talking about his writing process so, as my brain was already in “Schwartz mode”, I thought I’d watch it.

Let me tell you… this thing has more mic drops than a clumsy, three-fingered roadie after 3 bottles of vodka, but let’s focus on one.

Eugene admits he’s not the best copywriter on the planet, but he does make one claim:

“There is no one working here – that I know of – that works harder than I do…”

The man isn’t a legend JUST because of his work ethic, though undoubtedly that’s a big part of it.

Point is, he knew what he did best.

Let’s turn this over to you…

Can you pinpoint one important aspect of your work where you run rings around your competitors?

To paraphrase Tina Turner…

What do you do better than all the rest?

“Hi, I’m **** FIRST NAME***and I _____ better than anyone else.”

Of course, it helps if your target audience cares about your _____.

“Dave, meet Phil, he can recite more digits of Pi while juggling pensioners than any matador I know…”

Me? I’m shooting for “funny”

“Funny-est” seems like a stretch goal… but one worth going for.

(Especially for someone that doesn’t seem to own a fucntioning spell checker)

“You want funny, engaging, split your sides copy? I know just the guy…”

^^^ That’s what I’m hoping people will say… followed by the words:

“… his name’s John Holt”

What about you? What’s your “thing”?

John Holt