I’ve broken 0.009875% of my body

I won’t tell you HOW I did it, but I’ve hurt my little toe pretty bad.

It’s not because it’s embarrassing or anything, but If I told you, you’d definitely make this face…

And I don’t want you to do that, so let’s just leave it at “I did something… and now my toe hurts”.

So, I did something… and now my toe hurts.

Bashing your tiniest digit isn’t a major injury. If you check your favourite news app, you’ll notice it didn’t make the headlines.

You might think damaging 0.009875% of my carcass wouldn’t impact my life much.

And if you do think that, I know one thing about you…


Because – even for someone who sits on his arse for most of the day…

Bashing my toe has been a major inconvenience.

I can’t walk in shoes – even my super duper comfy ones – without a girlish scream manly wince.

(You know, like action heroes do when getting their wounds tended by an attractive female)

Not only can I not get my daily steps in (there goes my three-day, 500+ steps-a-day streak), but I also realised I was going to struggle with something else…

How I deal with getting stuck when writing.

Normally, when my brain throws in the towel, I do what a lot of writers do…

Crack open the gin and pop in my VHS of “Tim Henman’s Greatest Wisecracks”.

Go for a walk.

Nietzsche famously said, “all truly great thoughts are conceived while walking”.

I’m not going to argue with that, even when he’s dead.

I get some of my best ideas while striding masterfully through the English countryside avoiding dog poop.

(Apart from the golf ball throwing thing…)

There’s just something magical about being in a different posture in a different place that unkinks your brain hose and releases all your best ideas.

But for the next week or so, walking’s no longer an option for me. 

I’m going to have to discover a new “anti-kinking” habit.

I usually turn to the internet for solutions, but fear what results Google would throw at me for using a combination of “kink” and “brain hose”

So I’m testing some ideas…

Today, I’m experimenting with looking out of my window as I limp around my office listening to binaural beats to see if it has the same magical effect.

This feels like a good plan though, to my neighbours, I probably look like a man on the brink of doing something vaguely “terroristy”, as I stare blankly out into the void, bobbing my head to music only I can hear.

Anyway… if I don’t end up in prison, this might be a good alternative to walking in nature. 

Why am I telling you this? 

(Aside from wanting you to testify in my defence if needed)

Constraints are a beautiful thing.

Just like tennis is more fun when you’re playing on a court, trying to keep it in the lines…

… marketing can be more fun when you give yourself some boundaries to play in.

Blank pages can be terrifying things, but…

“Come up with an email angle about your purpley toe” is a constraint that gives you something to play with.

It’s often working within “restrictive” boundaries when you come up with your best ideas too.

If you ever feel “stuck”, try imposing some restrictions on yourself and see what happens.


P.S. I feel like this is something I could dive deeper into…

If you’d like me to think about it a little more (while terrifying my neighbours), hit reply and let me know.