How to be seriously funny

A loyal member of our email club writes with a timely – and commonly asked – question about using humour in your marketing:

“I really like the way you use humour in your emails.

I would love to do the same, but my question is:

“Are business owners OK with this way of doing copywriting?”

Let me explain…

Many of them are “way too serious” and I wonder if it would scare them a bit to inject some humor in their copy.

It must be hard to convince them, right?

EVEN MORE so if it doesn’t really fit their personality.

What do you think?”

– – – 

Here’s my reply:

A lot of the objections to humour are rooted in the mistaken belief that humour is a either/or thing. You either have to be “pee your pants hilarious” or “funeral-level serious” – there’s no middle ground.

But in the real world (and even most of Plymouth), there’s a lot of grey between those two extremes.

The key is to find the right balance. 

If it helps, scrub out the word humour or funny and use “personality” or “character” instead.

You don’t have to be funny to write “fun” and “friendly” emails your subscribers love, but…

You DO have to put a bit of YOU in there.

You want customers to buy what you’re selling, right? OK, well… you’re gonna have to give ‘em a reason to choose YOU over your competition.

Infusing your emails with YOUR character and personality is an easy way to go about it.

It certainly beats trying to “force the funny”*.

* FYI, That’s also the title of my unreleased Star Wars fan-fiction.

I mean… how hard is it to be you? Not very.

Plus, when you give people a feel for what you’re like to work with, the nightmare clients scarper from your world as fast as they possibly can, taking 75% of your business headaches with them.

Not only that, but dream clients – the kind you luuuuuurvvvveee to hop on Zoom calls with – start paying more attention to you.

There’s no point in writing a laugh-out-loud email for a business owner who has the personality of a beige doormat.

The moment the client met Mr. Personality, there’d be a whopping big “disconnect” and the client would spend the entire meeting if they were in the wrong room.

The reason I said this was timely was because I’ve been looking through your responses to the survey for my upcoming free email writing challenge and “SHOW ME HOW TO BE FUNNY, HOLT!” was a common theme.

BAD NEWS –  I’m not going deep on how to be funny.

GOOD NEWS – I will show you how to write emails that positively stink…

… of your personality.

(Unless you’re “beige doormat” man*)

* FYI, That’s also the title of my unreleased Marvel fan-fiction.

More soon…


P.S. If you can’t wait for my email writing challenge to add a bit of personality to your emails, social posts, or clauses to your prenup, check out “Five Days To Funny” in the GOOGLE DRIVE OF AWESOMENESS!!!! (link below)