Yes or no? (Please reply)

I’m bouncing around an idea you might want in on…

I’m thinking of running a FREE email writing challenge.

It’ll be over five days and delivered via email.

In those five days, you’ll discover how to face the blank page and crank out an email that:

1) Sells whatever it is you sell – without coming across as “salesy”

2) Expresses the full force of your awesome personality – so you don’t sound the same as everyone else

3) Requires zero struggle – so you’re not spending 3 hours screaming bad words at the flashing cursor 

The challenge won’t turn you into an email marketing god by any stretch, but…

…  it will give you the bump start you need to hit SEND.

Being a sensible (and lazy) chap though, I don’t want to waste time creating this unless you actually want it.

So here’s what I need you to do…

Hit reply, saying “YES” or “NO”, depending on whether you’re interested.

If you want to send me a funny reply, go for your life.

Just let me know whether a free email challenge would be something you’re interested in.

If I don’t get a fair amount of “YES”s, I’ll cut and paste the idea into my “What the hell were you thinking?” note in Evernote and you’ll never hear of it again…

Have a great weekend,

John Holt