Am I kicking you out of my “email club”?

I’ve just done something that terrifies most business owners.

Did I:

a) Sell something without ending the price in a 7?

b) Actually say my price OUT LOUD on a discovery call with a client?

c) Take a day off?

Nope. None of those.

In a second, I’ll tell you what I did AND challenge you to give it a bash too. 

If you’re lucky, I might even give you one or two pretty convincing reasons to do it… in the most inefficient way possible.

Here’s what I’m doing…

Manually deleting “bad” subscribers every time I go into my email software.

Whenever I’m on a podcast or Facebook group talking about email marketing* – getting business owners past the “Be myself? Are you mental? Won’t people unsubscribe?” belief is always one of my main goals.

(Along with remembering the host’s name and praying they don’t ask me when to use an em-dash)

* Yep, that was my super-subtle reminder I’m available for public appearances.

So… if you’re suffering from a severe bout of Unsubscribeaphobia… you gotta get over it.

And there’s no better prescription than getting into the habit of saying “Arrivederci Alan!” to folks who are never going to buy from you.

Of course, you could come up with a high-tech, easy-peasy solution by creating a segment that automatically updates and deletes the inactive folks every month or so, but as my torture sensei, Phil Haversham is fond of telling me…

Small repeated actions can induce higher levels of untold, agonising suffering have better results.

Don’t rip the bandaid off… slowly and mercilessly tease it so you feel every single pulled hair.

Whenever you open your email software think “ABC – Always Be Culling.”

Right now, I’m ditching people who’ve been on my list for over 3 months and NEVER opened or clicked an email.

Your tolerance may vary. Do whatever feels good for you – there are no wrong answers here.

(Though, saying that… if you’re eliminating folks because they haven’t downloaded your lead magnet, put it into action, or had it tattooed onto their gran… AND IT’S BEEN 38 MINUTES!… you should probably loosen the shackles a tad)

Oh, and if you’ve never heard me on a podcast* and are wondering why you should bother getting rid of the deadwood… here are a few good reasons.

* Yeah… that one wasn’t quite as subtle.

1) Deliverability – every inactive subscriber is a warning shot to your software company, telling them someone isn’t liking what you’re putting out. This isn’t a major problem, but the more inactive folks you have on your list, the more shots ring out and the worse your deliverability will be.

2) Cost – Sure, you’re bleeding Mailchimp dry using a free account now, but when you’re a marketing megastar and Edna Kardashian is DMing you for tips on how to build an audience, every single subscriber will be costing you money… every single month.

If you wouldn’t spend your hard-earned money to email the agnostics in your list when you’re bigger than Ryan Reynolds, why should you now?

3) Mentality – Most business owners consider it a privilege their subscribers deemed them worthy of knowing their 14th best email address.

(I’m looking at you

Now I’m not saying you need to be an arse about this, but gratitude and privilege should go both ways… 

Start filling your head with the idea that your subscribers should be grateful to YOU for letting them join your list, so they can soak up your gold.

You don’t have to have a monstrous ego about this and demand sacrificial offerings.

(Getting goat blood out of your Axminster carpet gets old real fast) 

It’s just a tiny shift. It’s remembering that your list is your land – your real estate. 

Welcome them onto your property and be a kind and benevolent host, sure. But be clear – if they start taking the mickey or peeing on the rug… they shouldn’t be surprised when you show them the door…

… as you boot their arse out of it.

– – – 

So that’s my challenge for you – dive into your software, find the folks who are less committed than a gamophobic polygamist… and get rid of some.

You up for it?


P.S. You’re right…

This email does also make for a pretty solid “cunning way of letting you know you should probably click on a link or two every month” template.

Feel free to steal it.

That said, if you’re reading this, you’re good. And I’m glad you’re here. 🙂