“I’ll have a Brazilian please, Gran”

A while back, I told you I was going on a diet. 

Since I’m kinda done with it now, I thought I’d close the loop on that story, as the phone calls, constant emails, and messages have been pouring in.

I’ll keep it brief…

(Don’t worry, there’s a definite “why should I give a toss” nugget coming)

Between December and May, I lost about 50lbs 

(That’s 23kgs or 3 and a half stone in old money)

I went from being a 15 stone 2 lbs liability to the NHS to an 11 stone 10 lbs liability on my local kebab shop’s balance sheet.

I’m not posting before and after photos… 

UNTIL my gran does my full body wax and lavishly applies fake tan to my notable zones.

(I’m going for “Ready Brek Orange”)

Even though there are no photos, I did keep a record of my daily weigh-in. And I’m glad I did too.


Because I have no idea how I did it.

Actually, that’s not true. I know HOW I did it…

(Having one meal a day [OMAD] is great for keeping your calories down)


I don’t FEEL like I’ve been on a diet.

I hate typing that cos it’s the kind of hype littering every weight-based fakebook ad going.

Obviously, going from “Wait… are all these plates for ONE person?” to just one meal a day was a big shift, but after a week or so…

The urge to slaughter everyone within arms reach eventually passed I honestly didn’t notice.

Actually, that’s another fib. I DID notice, just not the hunger pangs…

What I noticed about OMAD was how much energy I had in the afternoons now I wasn’t weighed down by my “light* lunch” of four slices of bread, packed with meat and a share size bag of crisps.

* At this point, I’d like to remind you that “light” is a relative concept…

Also, the time I was usually sitting on my previously-fat-but-now-not-quite-as-fat derriere, munching away was now being used for more productive purposes, like writing an email to you, cracking the hell on with some client work, or counting down the milliseconds to dinner time.

Another thing I noticed – I needed less sleep. I started getting up at 4:30…


(I know… I’m one of THOSE people)

I started working out at 5:30am – AND KINDA LIKING IT!


As I say, I’m glad I kept a record as, looking back, I wouldn’t be able to tell you how I shifted the blubber.

With my trusty journal though I can see exactly how one small change led to the next… and the next…

Just like when you used to line up warehouse operatives with mattresses on their backs as a kid…

You played that too, right?

This “warehouse operative mattress effect” (someone should really come up with a catchier name) is one of the reasons my email writing course “Sent” is delivered “day by day” via email.

At 13,000+ words, it’s still a weighty beast but the daily emails make it FEEL less overwhelmy.

If you want to discover the approach I use make up words like “overwhelmy” and write emails like the one you’re reading now, you could do worse than check out “Sent.”.

Here – let me give you a clickable collection of blue letters to help you jump to the sales page:


 A few cautions…

“Sent.” is NOT:

– Going back into the vault any time soon, so there’s NO urgency.

– Strictly limited. I can sell as many as I want, so there’s NO scarcity.

– Discounted. In fact, the price has never been higher than it is right now… so there’s NO FOMO.

That said, if you know you should be ticking the email marketing box and you want to make more sales with easy-to-write emails that actually sound like you…

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John Holt