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A few days ago, I told you how sitting on the toilet was going to relieve my RSI.

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Short story – sitting on the toilet will NOT help relieve my RSI.

Also: binge-watching murder medical mysteries starring Dick Van Dyke is NOT an effective diagnostics tool.

It wasn’t RSI. It was my ulnar nerve.

I won’t bore you with the anatomical details (mostly cos I haven’t the foggiest what the physio was talking about. She started making weird hand gestures symbolising tunnels and it got a bit weird).

Turns out, the shed load of writing I’ve been doing these past two weeks has meant my arm has been pressing on my desk too much, pinching the nerve.

Yep, you heard…

I’ve been getting on my own nerves!

The sophisticated, NHS budget-draining treatment to cure this condition?

I’ll use the physio’s words…


No toilet-based tuggery required. I just set an alarm for 10 minutes and stop typing when it dings.

(there’s 1m:37s left in case you were wondering)

Even though my RSI diagnosis was off by three digits*, the point of my original email stands – if you want to start a new habit, tie it to something you’re already pretty good at doing.

* I’m betting no one understands that, but I’m still keeping it in.


There’s an even better “BONUS” takeaway from my misdiagnosis (Murder) of my “tingly pinkie” condition.

A lesson that’s even more beneficial for you and your business.

Especially if you’ve ever wondered why your killer offer didn’t sell as much as you’d expected…

Or if you’ve ever felt ”stuck” on a plateau, no matter what you do…

Here’s the valuable lesson:

If you can’t… 


Ah, man… I was just getting to the good stuff. 

Maybe next time. Physio’s orders…

John Holt