Am I a piece of shit or a jar of honey?

“You seem to attract a lot of copywriters.”

I was chatting with the photographer who took my new headshots. We’d arranged to meet (IN PERSON!) so I could help her with her emails.

She’d seen the comments on the FB post of my photo.

“They swarm around you like flies.”.

“You mean because I’m a piece of shit?”, I replied.

“No… I was meaning more like a jar of honey…”.

I resheathed my cutlass in my scabbard and sat down again.

Let’s see if we can rescue a marketing lesson for you from this therapy-worthy example of me always presuming the worst, shall we?


Always be crystal clear in your marketing.

“This garden strimmer will change your life!”

OK… but…

Will it change my life in a “your garden will go from Amazon rainforest to Augusta National in 20 minutes” kinda way, or a “one slip and you’ll be fishing your toes out of next doors koi pond” kinda way?

Both are life-changing, but one is decidedly more desirable than t’other.

This is why – when I remember – I‘m quick to mention that copywriters and business owners who already have a system for effortless cranking out sales emails should NOT buy my email writing course “Sent.”.

They should absolutely NOT click the link to the sales page at the bottom of this email.

If what you’re doing is working, stick with it. “Sent.” will only be a distraction. But…

If you’re on the lookout for an easy-to-follow approach to writing emails that sell so you can discover how I write emails that get replies like these:

This is gold! Also smooth! God, when can I have such a superpower?”

“Excellent – snorted tea out my nose!”

“Sent.” might be worthy of a quick looksie. Maaaaaaybe even a shufti.

I wouldn’t take my word for it though because I’m one of those shady marketing people you read about in Portable Restroom Operator Monthly.

 So here’s a testimonial I haven’t got round to slapping on the sales page yet:

“Hi John,

Have read through this [day 8] this morning – and then just sent out what I feel is one of my best emails yet to my core email list

Loving the Sent course so far. I’ve not actually had time to thoroughly put the tasks into place yet, and yet still feel I’m benefitting a lot from the email content alone.

Thanks and all the best,


If you’re interested in finding out more about “Sent.”, you’ll find the following collection of clickable blue letters a bit handy: