Move over Sullenberger…

It took me 46 years, but I did it…

I finally beat travel sickness…

Ever since I was a kid any trip of longer than 38 seconds filled me with dread. 

“We’re just popping to see Dawn at number 32… bring the sick bags for John”.

On school trips, I’d be the kid sitting right up front and looking pale, with 14 wristbands on each arm, one wrist hanging out the window, a damp cloth on my forehead and a neck pillow. 

Passing cars must’ve thought my school was transporting fresh cadavers for organ harvesting to earn a bit of extra cash on the side.

For a while, I had a theory that sitting in the front was a solution to travel sickness, but it’s not.

Being able to see where you’re going helps… but moving from the back seat to the front isn’t enough. 

If you want to completely eliminate the chances of you creating your own brand of uphurlstery*, there’s one more move you have to make.

You have to move to the right (or left, if you’re American)

* I have to tell you… I’m VERY proud of that.

With travel sickness, the closer you get to being in control, the better.

Putting yourself in the driving seat is the only way to eliminate it.

Unfortunately, when you do this on a long-haul flight, entering the cockpit and demanding the pilot move from behind the wheel is classed as terrorism and everyone tends to get a bit shouty. 

Being in the driver’s seat gives your body a heads up so it can adjust for braking, turning around corners, and handbrake turns when being pursued by the cops on overblown terrorism charges. 

Don’t get me wrong. You can have a lot of fun in the back seat of the car…

… just not while you’re moving.

(You should probably take your wristbands off too) 

Travel sickness is like anything — the more in control you feel, the better. 

(Can you smell the “it’s a bit like email marketing…” transition yet?)

I’ve spoken to a bunch of business owners recently who are struggling to get their email game going. 

They know they should start emailing, but they don’t know HOW. 

For most, email is a “when inspiration strikes” thing. 

They don’t feel in control.

I think control in email marketing comes down to two things – having a:

1) Reliable system for coming up with things to talk about in your emails

2) Dependable approach to structuring an email, so you feel confident hitting “send”

Once you have a process for creating ideas and turning them into emails that sell, you feel more in control of your email marketing.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a ton of stuff to master, but with those two things, you can start hitting send and be on your merry way.

So… which one of those is the bigger problem for you?

If it’s the “what the hell do I talk about in my emails?” thing, check out Endless Emails. It’ll give you a simple system you can use to come up with all the email ideas you’ll ever need. 

(It’s the approach I used to write THIS email… HOW META IS THAT?)

And if it’s the  “How do I turn my ideas into emails that sell?” thing, you might want to check out Sent. It’s my day-by-day email writing course that shows you my entire approach to writing emails like this.

There’s a lot of stuff in Sent., but if you’re looking for a simple approach to writing emails that sell — and are unmistakably you — you might like it.