Have you seen Jordan Peterson’s copywriting course?

I picked up a decent copywriting tip the other day from a rather unusual source.

Most of the copywriting value bombs I get dropped on me come from the usual suspects – Frank Kern, Stefan Georgi, Clayton Makepeace, or Mitchell Springer.

But Jordan Peterson?

I didn’t expect him to be able to help me boost my bottom line.

He was talking about negotiation… in fact, here’s what he said. 

(I’m paraphrasing due to me not being quite the intellectual heavyweight he is. Though I did get a “C” in my GCSE drama, so I’m no slouch)

“You have to have three things to be able to negotiate:

1) To know what you want

2) To be able to communicate it clearly to the other person

3) To be willing to say ‘NO’”

I think most business owners understand the importance of the first two.

You don’t need to be a genius with a “B” in Drama to understand that if you want someone to do something, you should probably ask them… in a way they clearly understand.

But the last one… the saying “no” bit?

That’s a little bit trickier…

Saying “No” to a customer coming to you with a gaping wallet is hard for a lot of business owners.

But you need to do it. Selling to the wrong people will make your life hell.

(They’re called “Nightmare” customers for a reason)

Remember – the goal of your marketing isn’t to sell as many of your $47 offers as possible. 

It’s to find the people you can truly serve.

Marketing’s a “quality over quantity” thing, like spending time with your kids or escaping to the driving range for four hours cos you’ve spent too much time with your kids and are sick to the back teeth of their constant sodding whining and – WHEN DO THEY GO BACK TO SCHOOL???

Don’t be afraid to say, “This is NOT for you if…”.

When you’re OK with “No”, you get bolder. 

Not “bad” bolder, like “slimy, sleazy, pushing the legal limits” bolder…

Just bolder. Confident-er. Assertive-r. Unapologetic-er.

(You know you’ve truly arrived when you start making up words)

Not only that, but because you’re focusing on finding the right people, your marketing feels easier.

Next time you’re writing an email, make asking for the sale easier by tapping into the power of these Powerful Peterson Promotion Principles.

Think about who this is NOT for and then toss in a:

“DO NOT buy this if…” sentence or two.

Was that any use?


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You clearly have a system that works – stick with that. Fight the shiny object syndrome!

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