How to get TWO emails out of one BORING non-event

Some things shouldn’t need to be said:

“Use your common sense…”

“Could you move your car off my throat?”

I saw another great example on a matrix road sign recently, or at least…


“Seatbelts save lives. Make sure you wear yours.”

Do we still need to be told this? Are there many folks driving around without seat belts? 

Aside from shifting my car a few feet along the driveaway, I can’t remember ever driving without a seatbelt.

Having said that…

I do admit to setting off AND putting my seat belt on… AT THE SAME TIME.

I’d do that when running late for magic gigs. Combining the two tasks felt like it saved me valuable time, though I can’t for the life of me remember a situation where this god-level lifehack actually made a difference.

“Thank god you made it, John. If you’d have been 0.8 of a second later, you’d have less hair, a larger waistline, and be physically incapable of pronouncing the word ‘plinth’.”

I was thinking about this “do we still need to be told about seat belts?” thing far too much, so I did some Googling…

Turns out… we bloody DO need to be told.

In the UK, a third of the people killed in road deaths were not wearing a seatbelt.

Wearing a seatbelt became law in 1983. That means it’s been nearly 30 years and the government is still spending time and money pleading with us to “clunk, click… every trip”.

So if you’re fretting about sending an email with the same “value-bomb” as one you wrote last year… don’t.

Some messages need to be rammed home until we get them into our thick – easily crackable – skulls…


P.S. Here’s a “behind the scenes” peek at my process for writing this email…

I saw the matrix sign and thought it would make for a good email, but…

NOT the email you’ve just read.

No. Because I saw the sign and thought:

“Do we really still need to be told to wear seat belts? I doubt it. It’ll make for a good ‘you need to update your message to match your audience’s new problems…’ transition.”

And then I Googled… 

“Balls. Ah well… a swift J-turn and I can turn this puppy in a whole new direction…”.

Same story… totally different email.

Want an EXTRA “behind the scenes” peek at how I take ordinary, run of the mill, “ooooh look – a road sign” events and turn them into emails that sell?

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