“Why is it so bloody hard to write something that actually sounds like I wrote it?”

You start off with good intentions:

“I know. I’ll just send a nice, casual email to my list”.

Before you know it, you’re waist-deep in “hitherto”s, “therefore”s and…

“OMG – did I really type ‘Apropro’?”

Well done – you’ve created something that could finally make your English teacher shed tears of joy, but something that’ll build a bond with your audience? Something that will make them click your link and buy your course?

Sadly not.

If you want people to choose you over the competition, you need to put more “you” in your marketing.

An easy first step?

Take the pressure off.

Whether you have a tiny list of 10 or a colossal list of 17 people, pick one person. 

Yes, ONE person. One very specific person, and write to them.

Imagine you’re sitting with them in a wine bar. You’re two drinks in and you want to tell them something.

There are other people in the bar, so you can’t be your usual sweary, ranty, and obnoxious self, but you can dispense with the pleasantries.

What would you say? How would you tell them?

That’s a pretty good tone to aim for in your emails.

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