Free sessions

“Free” sessions should be a no-brainer, but they’re not.

When it’s nothing more than a thinly disguised sales pitch, it’s awkward. And not just for the person getting the free session.

A lot of business owners feel the pressure to sign people up for their high-ticket offers and when you’re not a “natural” salesperson any pitch can come over clumsily.

Pitches like these can feel sleazy and slimy, but they’re not.

A simple thing that can help is drawing a clear line between “free” and “you’re gonna have to pay me to do this…”

For example, I love chatting with people and bouncing around ideas. Want me to hop on Zoom for ten minutes with you and brainstorm something? Sure. I’m up for that.

Want me to take those ideas and sketch out an email sequence? 

Erm… you’re gonna have to pay me for that.

When I think back to awkward calls I’ve been on – including the ones I’ve given – not having a clear idea of the boundary between free and paid was a major contributor to the awkwardness.