We both knew this day would come…

SHAMELESS ATTENTION-SEEKING OPENING LINE: You can get my next “thing” for $0.00. Interested? Read on…

– – –

I’ve tried to hold this off as long as possible, but the pressure’s gotten too much…

I’ve had to cave.

I’m sorry, but…

I’m going to create a “here’s how to make your words funny so your customers are laughing and smiling while handing you money” course.

(Gotta be honest… I’m not totally happy with that title. I think it could be longer)

“Why am I doing it?”, I ask, introducing a brand new segue into my “reason why”* arsenal…

* That might just be the most niche-est and meta joke I’ve ever done.

Two reasons:

1) I’m not entirely convinced I can pull it off, so the sadistic part of me is delighted by the prospect of me getting my hopes up and wasting time on a project that will probably end up going nowhere.

2) Because I keep getting emails like this:

“I don’t even think I’ve been on your list for a week, and I’ve hovered over the buy button at least twice in every email. Clicked it twice. Hesitated. Read your emails again. And know beyond doubt that I need more of your humour and writing magic in my life and my copywriting.

Beat emails I’ve read in bloody ages. And I write pretty kickass emails myself! But they’re not funny enough. I definitely need to learn how to write more funny.

So yeah… the “Here’s how to make your words funny and… (I’ve forgotten the rest)” course is going to happen.

I’m going to spill my guts and reveal everything I do to make my emails entertaining, so you can do the same.

Because you can write funny emails. Oh yes.

You might think you can’t, but you’ll be surprised how boring, formulaic and workmanlike generating titters and giggles in your audience actually is. Turns out…

Funny is a process, not something you’re born with.

Follow the process and you’ll create funny stuff… no matter how “unfunny” you think you are.

The obvious way to teach this would be to break down some of my emails, showing you my thought process, but I’ve got a better idea…

An idea that could land you a copy of this training for FREE…

Here it is:

What if you sent me one of YOUR emails to work my magic on?

That way, I’m working with something totally fresh. 

You can see my entire approach from start to finish.

It guarantees you’ll see every step of the “funnying up” process.

(Though I’ll try and spare you the wailing sessions – I’m an ugly cryer)

Here’s the “free” bit…

If I end up using your email in the training, you can have it (the training, not the email – that’s already yours) for $0.00!

Want me to use your email?

Awesome. Just slap it into a Google Doc and email me a link. If I use yours in the course, you can have whatever “thing” I end up giving birth to for nowt.

Sound good?

What are you waiting for?

Hit reply and send me your email!

Enjoy what’s left of your Wednesday!


P.S. Just so we’re clear… I’ll only be giving the course away to people whose emails I use in the course, NOT everyone who sends me an email.

You got that, right?

Awesome. Now we’re clear on that, hit reply and send me your email.