Your free access to Endless Emails V2!

Super quick…

I’ve added THREE email walkthroughs to the Endless Emails course, so you can see (or should that be “hear”?) my thinking as I work through the system.

A few folks thought this would be helpful so let’s see if they’re right!

Also… so I can add more walkthroughs in future, I’ve moved the course from YT to a platform.

(Check me out getting slightly more professional…)

Good news – you get access for free. YAY!

Bad news – I can’t just import your email address over. I have to send you a link so you can access everything.

Again, it won’t cost you anything. You’re getting the upgraded version – and future walkthroughs – for nowt.

You need to reply to this email so I can send you a one-time code.

Hit reply using some derivative of “why yes, this sounds rather spiffing, old bean” and I’ll send you your sign-up link.

(You can only use it once, so make sure you’d don’t share it!)

Told you I’d be super quick.