The true story of how I met Chris Orzechowski (WITH SCREENSHOTS)

It’d been a long day. Mind you, they were ALL long days in this Venezuelan prison.

As a reward for correctly storing my toenail clippers, the warden had given me 20 minutes alone time in the library.

Or so I thought…

As I reached for a tome (I can’t recall if it was Kierkegaard, Jung, or The Very Hungry Caterpillar), I felt a hand come through from the other side of the shelf – a strong, muscular hand that…

Oh wait… that was DAVE Orzechowski.

The story of how I landed a gig with Chris is still interesting, though less carpal-centric.

Here’s how it went down:

He sent an email to his list, saying he was looking for new writers.

This was an amazing coincidence. Having just lost all my magic gigs to a global pandemic, I was looking for someone to pay me money.

We were a perfect match!

I looked over his job spec and despite having none of the attributes or experience required, fired off an application with the kind of surefire confidence that comes from knowing that, being 3,000 miles away from me, if he wanted to punch me in the face for wasting his time, he was going to have one hell of a Uber ride to do it.

(Also, I saw a “what’s the worst that could happen?” quote on Insta earlier that day, so my audacity levels were pretty lofty)

After a couple of weeks I hadn’t heard back from Chris, so I followed up. To be honest, I was curious how many nanoseconds it took him to dismiss my application.

(I guessed 1,243,535,987)


“Fair enough”, I thought. “I’ll just have to wait…”.

As I started to close my laptop, my still audacious attitude kicked in:

“I COULD just wait… or I COULD be a little more proactive…”

I opened the laptop, re-read his message, thought of a funny-ish riposte, and fired off my reply.

The next time Chris Orzechowski checked his inbox, he was either going to love me or block me.

(I opened Google Maps to check there was still an ocean between us)



I’ve been a copywriter for less than a month and so far the only thing I could put in my record of achievement was “Pissed off the biggest e-commerce guy on the plan…



– – –

So yeah… that’s how I started working with Chris Orzechowski – the biggest, baddest, emailingest copywriter on the planet…

A man who’s paid me thousands of dollars to write emails.

A man who’s STILL paying me thousands of dollars to write emails… two years after I decided to open my laptop and think, “what’s the worst that can happen?”

It’s weird to think… I came *this* close to not sending that riposte.

I’ve no idea what I’d be doing now if I didn’t.

Chris once mentioned he took a chance on me because he thought I was a natural.

I think he’s being nice. “Raw” would be more accurate. I might have had “something”, but…

Letting me loose on the page was like giving a toddler a nail gun and 20 pieces of timber…

Sure, you might end up with a bookcase, but it’s far more likely you’re gonna have one hell of a mess to clear up.

That’s the thing about email though – it doesn’t need to be perfect to be effective.

It’s not about mastering a complicated sequence of words or copywriting techniques.

It’s about communicating a message.

I didn’t need to write a perfect email to get Orzy’s attention. And you don’t need to write a perfect email to make sales.

That’s why my email writing course “Sent.” is NOT a complete guide to email copywriting.

Instead, it’s a simple day-by-day course showing you how to write “unperfect” emails… emails that make sales and win you fans.

I can’t promise it’ll help you land clients worth thousands of dollars, but I can promise one thing…

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Have a great Sunday,