[No email today…]

I’m taking today off.

You may have noticed I’ve been emailing you nearly every day this past week to tell you about “Sent.” – my email writing course.

Well, not today.

So feel free to relax in the knowledge you won’t have to open an email harping on about the power of email marketing and how it’s ten times better than social media.

Because I won’t be telling you about that

Also, enjoy the white space in your inbox that could have been occupied by my tease of an “easy-peasy-sleaze-free” way of writing an email that asks for the sale… but doesn’t make your grandmother strike you from her will.

And I absolutely refuse – under ANY circumstances WHATSOEVER – to point you to this page, reminding you your ”email club” coupon code “COUPONCODE” is only good till midnight on Sunday. 

I won’t do it.

I will not buckle. 

I am determined.

So enjoy your ‘Holt free’ day and try not to miss me too much.  


P.S. Here’s the page I’m definitely not pointing you to again, just in case you didn’t not miss it the first time: