Here’s what you get when you join “Sent.”

One of the downsides about being a magician, comedian, and “locked room” murder mystery fan is I’m always looking for weird twists, turns, hooks, and angles when it comes to writing emails.

That’s all well and good but sometimes you just gotta send a Shyamalan-free, ”here’s what you get when you buy this“ email.

Here’s my attempt:

Until midnight Sunday, My day-by-day, start-as-soon-as-soon-as-you-hand-over-your-money email writing course “Sent.” Is available for less than it would cost you to buy 38 packs of “extreme sour” Warheads sweets.

You’ll get 15 days of daily emails. That means, in less time than it would take you to eat all 38 packs (and suffer the ensuing tastebud transplant surgery), you’ll discover how to:

ELIMINATE the problem of facing the blank page and being mocked by the flashing cursor of doom once and for all.

SOLVE all your content problems using a simple technique that generates a near endless amount of content ideas.

ATTRACT dream clients while REPELLING the nightmare ones – automatically.

TURBOCHARGE your writing speed, so you’re writing emails faster than ever.

PROVE to yourself you don’t need to be a copywriter to write emails your audience loves to read.

END the constant “what will THEY think?” worry you experience every time you click “send”.

EASILY link, segue, and transition between various sections of your email.

ASK for the money… WITHOUT feeling like a hard-selling, sleazy slimeball.

EFFORTLESSly write emails that are unmistakably “YOU” – without needing to rely on restrictive, cookie-cutter templates.

“And how exactly does “Sent.” make any of those hyperbolic sounding claims happen?”, you sceptically ask…

Here’s how. When you join, you get:

* 15 Daily email lessons – guiding you through the complete approach. You can get started TODAY!

* Nearly 4 HOURS worth of videos – that makes adopting this system a piece of cake! (4 hours in total, not every day… that would be mad)

* “The Checklist” – the ass-kicking framework that shows you exactly what you need to do to write a killer email (EXTRA BONUS: it also guarantees you’ll never have to face the blank page again!)

* A video walkthrough of me using this approach in one of my own emails

* All your questions answered with full email support from me and my team (I’m lying, it’s just me) 

Did I mention the FOUR bonuses you get?, he says, asking a question you know he already knows the answer to…

Oh, I didn’t? He says, feigning his ignorance*.

* When you’ve clocked as many ignorance reps as I have, this comes easy.

In that case, I won’t spill all the beans here. After all, I’m going to give you a link to click a link in a second, so let me tease you with some vague descriptions:

HAZY BONUS #1 – Over 100 different things I created that I’m happy for you to steal.

HAZY BONUS #2 – Not emailed your list in ages and papping your pants about unsubscribes? Hazy bonus #2 will help with that.

HAZY BONUS #3 – A collection of 13,000+ words in some kind of – hopefully useful – arrangement.

HAZY BONUS #4 – is it an NFT of a giraffe playing the Ukulele? You’ll have to find out.

And if all that’s not enticing enough for ya…

Then you definitely should NOT buy “Sent.”… cos that’s all you get.

But if your intrigue-o-meter is registering at least a “2”, here’s a click to find out more:

(Don’t forget to use the code “COUPONCODE” to claim your “email-club” only discount)

Any questions, just ask. Happy to do what I can to see if it’s a good fit for you. 

Have a great whatevertheheckdaythisis,