The one where I break two marketing laws in one P.S.

If you want to be a magician:

You can practice one-handed shuffles*…

You can browse forums, asking other “bedroom” magicians* for advice…

You can practice your digital dexterity* in a mirror…

* Holy crackerjack! It’s impossible to talk about magic without using an innuendo. (And I didn’t even mention my “two balls in the hand” trick.)

All those things are good, but nothing comes close to “real world” experience.

Realising this was my first exposure to what Charles Duhigg would call a “keystone habit” – one habit that has a ripple-like effect, making everything else a little bit better too.

For magic, performing for real people is a keystone habit.

For weight loss, it’s focusing on your diet (the right diet can help boost your energy and mood, helping make exercise a) more likely and b) more effective)

For calligraphy, it’s practicing leading with the nib, as opposed to pushing it.

(Don’t ask. Suffice it to say I will not be uttering the words “Sure, you can use my YouTube account for five minutes honey” again.)

But what about writing emails?

If you’ve suddenly woken up to the idea that, if social media vanished tomorrow, you’d have no way of reaching your audience and want to start nurturing your own email list…

What “keystone habit” can you start – right now – to lift you to “awesome emailer” status?

Is it hand-copying a gazillion subject lines?

Subscribing to a gazillion and one email marketers?

Learning how to spell “gazillion”?


For me, the keystone habit I’d focus on is also the most basic:

Plonking your ass in the chair.

(i.e. writing something every single day)

This is something I talk about in my email marketing course, “Sent.” 

(Available until Sunday 20th March at a discounted price for email club peeps only… as long as you use the code “COUPONCODE” at checkout. If you don’t use the code, you won’t get the discount. That’s how these things work, I’m afraid.)

Specifically on day three, where I lay out exactly how to develop this rockstar keystone email habit so you can get good at writing emails – fast…

… er than if you didn’t develop the habit.

And if you think you’re in for a willpower sapping, “oh my god, do I have to…” habit, like enduring cold showers, or going 28 seconds without thinking about Bill Oddie, I’ve got good news…

This keystone habit is super easy to do. If you have the ability to correctly align your posterior with some kind of seating device, you’re physically and mentally up to the task.

Trust me, you’ve got this. I believe in you.

Oh, and if you’re thinking “write something every single day” translates as “write one email a day”, you couldn’t be more wrong.

(OK, well you COULD be more wrong. I mean, “sellotaping your butts cheeks together and farting the Greek national anthem in C major to an audience of peregrine falcons” would definitely be more wrong, but you get the idea.)

No spoilers, but the ripple creating habit you learn on day three of “Sent.” will also help make all of your other marketing activities easier too.

And the easier it is… the more you’ll do it… and the more you do it… the easier it will get… and the more sales you’ll make.

Anyway, here’s a link to “Sent” if you’re interested in finding out more:

(Don’t forget the “COUPONCODE” coupon code…)

Now… brace yourself, because I’m about to break two of the biggest rules in marketing in the first P.S.


P.S. Just to be clear, I’ve nothing against the idea of sending one email a day, but it’s the kind of thing that sounds easy…

… until you think about all the mental and physical boxes you need to tick to click “send”:

– “Why can’t I think of anything to write? If I knew what I was talking about I would have something to talk about. Shit. Mum was right…”

– “How the hell can I link my funny story about my Grandfather eating his own kettle to my “buy one get one free” aquarium offer?”

Mind fucks like these can make writing an email a day feel like a Herculean task, especially if you’re new to this.

That’s why I choose a slightly different approach in “Sent.”. That said…

If you fancy taking on the challenge of writing an email a day to develop this powerhouse marketing habit, my secret crush, best friend, great mate, passing acquaintance I know a guy who can help…

Mike Samuels is running a 30-day “Highest Paying Habit” Email Challenge. Since I’m already committing two big marketing no-no’s by pimping another man’s wares and including two different calls-to-action in one email, I won’t go into too many details here.

But there are three things I want you to know: 

1) I don’t do challenges. But I’m doing this one.

2) Mike really knows his stuff. His Freedom Kick Starter gave me the skills and confidence to become a copywriter when my magic gigs vanished in 2020. You wouldn’t be reading this email if it wasn’t for him.

(I’ll let you decide whether you want to send him flowers or death threats for that)

3) I’ve probably doctored more photos of Mike than any other human being.

Granted, not all of those are relevant to the challenge, but I like being honest. Anyway…

You can find everything you need to know about Mike’s email challenge here.

(That’s not an affiliate link BTW. I’m just trying to be one of those good humans you hear about at the end of news programs. Although, if you do join because of me, be quite loud in telling him. One of my big goals for 2022 is to up mine and Mike’s relationship to “nodding terms”. You might make that a reality)

P.P.S. Pimping another man’s wares is one thing, but leaving his call-to-action as the last thing you read in this email is a step too far, even for a noble and magnanimous soul as myself, so…

With ZERO effort paid to writing a compelling CTA…

Here’s a link to my email writing course “Sent.” (use COUPONCODE at checkout)