Sent is open! [imaginatively named coupon inside!]

It’s weird to think that, despite being a copywriter for less than a couple of years, my words have helped sell millions of dollars worth of products.

(I’d love to take all the credit for that, but having clients with massive, responsive lists has to take at least some of the credit)

And even though I’ve written lots of sales pages, landing pages, and Facebook ads, I’m betting the vast majority of those millions are down to one form of copywriting…


I’ve said it before (and I’m gonna keep saying it until you get it tattooed on your gran).

Being able to write emails that sell is like being bitten by a radioactive spider. It’s a freakin’ superpower.

If you don’t believe me, believe one of my clients. 

He calls his email list his #1 asset.

Successful marketers know a great sales page is all well and good, but if your emails aren’t getting your customers to click through so they can witness it’s breathtaking awesomeness…

What’s the point?

Heck, write a good email and some of your customers will be sold on you before they even see that super-cool headline you swiped from Frank Kern.

If you’re a business owner who wants to learn how to write emails your subscribers read – and buy from, you could buy a load of copywriting books from Amazon and retire to a cabin in the woods as you go digging for the pearls of wisdom…

You could even buy a course from a copywriting “guru” – one of those big, meaty, premium £2,000 courses that dive into every subtle nuance of writing-based persuasion and makes your head explode…


You could follow a simple, day-by-day approach, created by a half-wit in Cheshire who, despite being a copywriter for less than 700 days, somehow has the balls to put out his own course, sharing how he writes emails.

If that last option appeals to you, I can help. Because I am that half-wit.

I’ve just reopened the doors to “Sent.” – my email writing course that shows you my simple (almost “non-copywriting”) approach to writing emails your subscribers love… and buy from.

It’s delivered via email, one day at a time, so there’s very little overwhelm. 

(Plus, you get a nice PDF at the end with all the lessons in one place for easy reference, so there’s no pressure to keep up!)

Here’s what “Sent.” ISN’T:

– it’s NOT a complicated “deep dive” exploring every nook and cranny of email copywriting. If you’re looking for a “complete guide to email copywriting”, this is not it.

– it’s NOT aimed at email copywriters. If you’re making money writing emails for clients, the odds are you probably know more than I do. My recommendation? Save your pennies.

– it’s NOT a collection of templates, swipe files, or “fill in the blank” emails. I’m going to put the next bit in bold. There are ZERO templates in “Sent.” (actually, I’m lying… I DO give you a template at the end. But you’ll have to click the link below to find out what it is)

I’m not going to lie, “Sent.” will take some work on your part. This is not a DFY thang. Your fingers are going to have to meet the keyboard.

I know, believe me, I’m disappointed too.

That said, if you’re a business owner sick of dancing to the algorithm or struggling to make sales with your email marketing AND you’re prepared to put in a little bit of work each day…

I think you’ll like “Sent.”

And until Sunday, 20th March you can get £10 off the price by using the imaginatively named coupon code “COUPONCODE” at checkout.

Click this line of magic blue text to find out more about  “Sent.” (and discover what the only template that comes with the course is!)

If you have any questions, let me know.


P.S. Like I say, I’ve been doing this less than two years and I’ve sold millions of dollars worth of products.

Not only that, the first time I launched “Sent.” – to my “email club” of just 300 people, I sold out in just 9 emails.

And that’s without making a single social post. 

I wrote those 9 emails in two afternoons, scheduled them in my software, and let it do the rest while I binged watched Poirot.

I’m not boasting with any of this (apart from the obvious Poirot flex). 

I don’t consider myself an expert email copywriter. Not even close.

But that’s a good thing because that’s why I know you don’t need to be one either.

You just need to know a few basic principles – a simple approach even newer-than-new newbies can follow to write awesome emails that sell.

Here’s another link to “Sent.” to save you scrolling (and don’t forget to use COUPONCODE to get £10 off)