Why I don’t send a daily email

Daily emails make more sales.

Daily emails also build the marketing Holy Trinity – the know, like, and trust factor – quicker than pretty much anything else.

And if you’re looking to “sharpen your saw” with a superpower marketing skill that can have an almost immediate impact on your business, writing a daily email is the one habit I’d recommend focusing on.

Daily emails work.

That said, if you’ve been a member of my “email club” for longer than 48 hours, you’ve probably realised I don’t email every day.

Why not?

Is it cos it’s too hard?

Do I struggle to come up with new ideas?

Do I struggle to come up with new ideas?

Or… OMG – am I another one of those charlatans on the internet who tells you to do one thing but does the exact opposite?


The answer is far more boring.

Truth is, where I am right now* I don’t need to email every day. So I don’t.

* Career-wise, not geographically.

Even though I’m technically a freelance copywriter, I’m lucky to have two big retainer clients who chuck enough work at me to mean I don’t need to browse copywriting groups for gigs or send cold emails.

Could I squeeze in a bit more client work? Probably, but… as I say to the wife whenever she suggests we watch a Sarah Jessica Parker movie:

“I’d rather not”

I’m aware my approach isn’t for everyone.

I’m definitely leaving money on the table… several tables.

Not only could I be doing more client work, but I could be putting more effort into launching my offers. I could be doing FB lives, prelaunch videos, and Q&As on social media, but…

“I’d rather not”

But I’m not just acting like a spoilt child.

I’m just SUPER clear on my goals and what I need to do to make progress.

And right now that’s deliberate practice, which means:

– Writing copy every single day

– Seeing how it performs in the real world

– Getting constant feedback from my copy chiefs

– Putting the feedback into practice

– Repeat

Occasionally I’ll forget I’ve been a copywriter less than two years. 

I’ve still LOTS to learn about this job, the craft, and how to manage clients and projects…

I’m constantly fighting my instincts to go full-on sprint mode. 

Sprint mode’s OK… for a short race, but I’m in this for the long run.

My client work ticks the “deliberate copywriting practice” box and my “far too laidback launches” allow me to comfortably test ideas and create offers.

Speaking of “far too laidback launches”…

If you’re interested in discovering how to make your emailing life a whole lot easier, so you can write emails that sell, but don’t feel salesy…

(Whether you write daily emails or not)

Keep an eye on your inbox over the next few days. I’ve got something you might be interested in.


P.S. DO keep an eye out though because, as I just told you…

I WON’T be emailing you every day about this. 🙂