CONFESSION: someone paid me to watch Octogenarians in the bath

Wordle’s had a lot of press recently (being sold to the NYT for a “low” seven-figure sum can do that), but here’s something you might not know about it…

It saved someone’s life.

And I don’t mean, “OMG Janice, if it wasn’t for Wordle, I’d have totally lost my shit. It’s been a total lifesaver”.

Wordle literally saved someone’s life.

Turns out there’s an 80 year old woman in Chicago…

(I know… I was shocked when I first heard it too!)

But there’s more…

This woman (who will remain anonymous due to lackluster research on my part) always texted her daughter her Wordle score for the day.

The daughter often didn’t reply.

One day though, she didn’t get a Wordle update from her mum. The daughter started to get worried, so called her mum’s* neighbour to go check on her.

* Technically, because she’s in the US, I should be using “Mom” here, but I’ve decided to invoke “Holt’s Prerogative” – a totally legit and airtight legal precedent that entitles any bearer of the surname Holt to stick out his tongue and say, “It’s my email… so NER!”

When the neighbour didn’t get a response, they called the Police.

Turns out the woman had been locked in a bathroom by an intruder. And she’d been there for a few days.

You might not rank “being trapped in a bathroom” very high on your life-threatening situations, but if you don’t, I know one thing about you…

You’ve clearly never watched an octogenarian get in and out of the bath.

(At this point, I should remind you I used to be an Older Adult Social Worker, just in case you think I have esoteric hobbies)

Bathrooms are a potential deathtrap. 

And one missed text was all it took for her daughter to spot the danger and rescue her.

I often hear business owners complain they don’t get as many likes on their social posts, or replies to their emails as they’d like.

Just because people aren’t “engaging” with the medium, doesn’t mean they’re not engaging with your content.

I went through a phase of posting gags on Facebook. I’d love to brag and tell you they all went viral, got loads of likes, and I now sleep on a pile of money and have now paid off the loan I took out to buy that scarf, but I’d be fibbing.

Weirdest thing though…

Every day I’d drop my kid off at school and have parents telling me how much they liked my joke, but…

None of these bastards ever “liked” it on Facebook!

Getting more likes IRL than on FB was a good reminder to not let mediocre metrics get in the way of putting stuff out there.

If that strikes a chord with you, concentrate on your end of the bargain – thrusting your awesomeness into the world and trying to get better each time.

If your stuff’s good, it’ll resonate with your audience. And they’ll miss you when you’re not there one day… 

… whether they tell you or not.


P.S. The word on that fateful day was “skill”. 

(I’ve never played the game and even I had to close that open loop!)