This email will help over 59.999% of all adults

This is gonna sound like an engagement post, but…

Complete the following sentence:

“According to a recent survey, 60% of adults wish…”

… for what?



An unkinkable hose pipe*?

* By that, I mean a hosepipe that doesn’t bend at too acute an angle, stopping the flow of water. Yeah, I’m NOT talking about a hosepipe that can’t be used for kinky purposes. Though now I REALLY want to Google that.

As I said to my Gran, let me put you out of your misery…

According to a recent survey, 60% of adults wish life was more simple.

I can help.

First off, start wishing for life to be “simpler”, not “more simple”.


You’re welcome.

I could end the end email here, with that life-changing, truth bomb dropped, but there are more stats… 

According to the same survey, 41% of folks think the pace of life is too much, with over 50% wishing they could slow down.

I’m not going to beat this into the ground. You get the idea.

If you’re running your own business and reading this email, odds are you’ve had times in your life when you wish life came with a pause button you could smash every once in a while.

And while I can’t give you a remote control for life, I do have something for you…

Something to help make your life more simple simpler.

Something to help you feel like life is slowing down. 

Turns out you don’t have to wait for that dream client to come along or have gazillions in your bank to ease your foot off the gas pedal.

You can do it right now.


By focusing on the stuff that REALLY moves the needle in your business. Instead of:

– Trying to please everyone – explore what makes your best clients your best clients. What qualities do they have in common? Where did you find them? How can you find more of them, so work becomes more enjoyable?

– Offering every service under the sun and catering for ALL your client’s whims – look for the work you do best – the rare and valuable work you get “lost” in. The kind of work you could do for hours without getting bored or tired.

– Waiting for clients to contact you – develop a more proactive approach that helps you feel more in control. Reach out to people you want to work with, rather than passively creating massive amounts of content and hoping the algorithm is on your side so it attracts clients.

You might not be able to hit pause, but you always have the choice of focusing on the needle moving, big, fat, hairy, audacious, 80/20, priority rocks* of your business.

* I think that’s all the metaphors covered.

End result? 

Your life FEELS simpler and slower-paced.

Another bonus – when you spend more time on the high-impact stuff, not only will your life become simpler and easier, but because you’re not wasting time and energy on the low-impact stuff…

… you’ll also get BETTER results.

And the best part is… focusing on the “big” stuff is something you can do right now. 

Toodle Pip old bean!