Is this the world’s first (and worst) hoover “flex”?

A few weeks ago, we bought a Roomba. And I’ve gotta admit…

Hang on a sec… let me try and make that sentence slightly less wanky pretentious…

A few weeks ago, we bought a roomba (little “r”)… from ALDI.

I’ve gotta admit, for a low-budget version (around £120 quid), I wasn’t expecting much, but I’ve got to give Rover* some credit… he’s bloody good.

* Yep, we named him. If you’ve got a problem with that, take it up with my wife… cos I hate confrontation.

Two button pushes and the little fella’s off, using his magical (and if-you-think-about-it-too-much totally scary) combination of AI, infrared sensors, and jedi powers to work his way around our lounge before automatically heading back to his docking station.

(I won’t tell you I like to fire up the Inception soundtrack as he slowly docks, just to make it feel like an epic space mission)

Because it’s only two button pushes, you’d think we’d use the thing everyday.

But we don’t.

Yesterday I found myself reaching for our “Non-AI” hoover to give the hallway a quick once-over.

And I HATE “non-AI” hoovering.

So why would I spend time getting out the hoover, plugging it in, unfurling the 17 miles of cable (why the heck did I think THAT was a good idea?), and wasting my vital energy when I could just push two buttons?


Rover is an imbecile.

He’s great, but I swear his AI is programmed to identify loose wires he can get snagged in… or small gaps he can get wedged… and make a beeline for it.

If we don’t babyproof the shit out of the room before firing him off, he’ll hitch himself to the TV power cable and bring the whole thing down.

He even trapped himself under my daughter’s wardrobe once, leaving a big scratch mark.

When we got him, I imagined the joy of setting the Roomba – sorry roomba – off, heading upstairs to do some work and coming back down a few hours later to a pristine lounge.

I did that the first day and you know what I came down to?

When I can’t be arsed Rover-proofing my lounge, I think:

“I’ll just do it myself…”

We say that as business owners, right?

“Sure, I could take the time to write down my process, film a Loom video, and pay someone to take this soul-sapping job off my hands, but… I can’t be bothered. I’ll just do it myself!”

Trouble is, it feels easier and quicker – in that moment – to say “give it to me…”

… because it IS quicker and easier – but only in that moment.

What about the long-term?

It might feel easier for me to grab the hoover and tidy the lounge, but I hate doing it, it puts me in a bad mood, and it robs me of energy.

Over time, that negativity adds up. 

If you’ve got a job you detest doing, it might be worth stepping back and seeing if some short-term discomfort could save you mental agony in the long run.

For me, when I think of all the angry swearing Rover is gonna prevent my daughter from hearing for the next few years, it’s worth spending a few minutes to make sure he doesn’t garotte himself on a charger cable or shred my stash of esoteric photography magazines I keep hidden under the couch.

Have a good week,