Ewwwwww – not another “last chance” email…

I did warn you…

(You’re getting this email cos you’re a kick-ass, acton taking clicker who asked me to keep you in the loop about my vanishes at midnight Endless Emails offer)

It’s that time again…




Yada yada yada…

Your exclusive “clickers-only” discount for “Endless Emails” expires tonight at midnight, UK time.

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If you ever struggle with:

– Coming up with things to talk about in your emails or content…

– Relating stories to your customers so they hang on to your every word…

– Asking your subscribers to buy your program (without feeling like an icky sleazeball)…

… then be sure to pick this up while it’s at its lowest ever price.

(Next time around, it’ll be at least double… DOUBLE!)

In this training, you’ll discover a simple approach to turning even the banalest* and boringest* events in your life into riveting emails that bring in sales.

* I’m pretty sure one of these is a real word.

How simple? You can do it while sitting on the toilet.

How quick? Takes probably 10 minutes a day – MAX.

How boring and banal? Watch in amazement as I come up with 3 or 4 email ideas from making a cup of coffee!

Just so you know… 

This is the last time I’ll be emailing you about this.

Here’s the link again:


Any questions, let me know.


P.S. As this is a brand new training, I’ve not had any testimonials I could splash on the page…

… until now:

“Over the years, I’ve spent so much on copywriting courses that I could have bought Buckingham Palace and added on a couple of floors with change to spare and not ever found anything as actionable as Endless Emails.

I’m just about to start a new email list and have been putting it off for weeks, taunting me with that long slow blinking cursor every time I opened a blank page.

Endless Emails couldn’t have come at a better time. This gives you no excuse not to be able to come up with a month of profit-generating content in a day. No fluff and super actionable if you’ve got an email list, you need it in your arsenal” 

And for the next few hours, you can get it at its lowest ever price here.