These sales count more than most

I’m a big fan of using money as a way to test offers, but there’s an important caveat even I – a fairly mediocre copywriter who occasionally wears matching socks – forget to mention…

All money is not the same.

Let me explain. 

This is a five pound note:

As you can probably tell by the fact it’s an old five pound note, framed, and hung up in my office…

This is no ordinary fiver.

No. I got this fiver by lying and deceiving a child out of his lunch money.

That sentence hardly paints me in a flattering light, so let me elaborate…

This is the very first fiver I got as a street performer.

And before you get any ideas about me being the kind of super confident street performer who builds massive audiences that brings shopping centres to a standstill, causing a tidal wave of tutting pensioners…

(i.e. a GOOD street performer)

… I did card tricks in shop doorways for tiny crowds to build my confidence before turning pro as a magician.

Street performing is a great way to test material – passers-by are under ZERO obligation to stop, watch, or pay.

Street performers earn every penny they get.

And I was terrible at asking for money. 

I never “hatted” the crowd even if I managed to build one.

I just dumped my upturned hat on the ground and – if I was feeling bold – would occasionally nod my head – very slightly – in its direction.

For someone to put their hand in their pocket and give you a fiver, you have to be doing something right… especially with shit small shows like mine.

What made it even better was that it was a 15-year-old lad who gave it to me.

He was riding through town, spotted me, stopped, and watched a couple of card tricks.

“I was just going to get some lunch, but you can have it…”, he said, as he dropped the fiver into my hat.

I was shocked and responded accordingly using my patented “completely devalue the importance and significance of everything I do” approach:

“Don’t be daft, you don’t have to pay. Go grab your lunch”.

(High-ticket “Awaken The Midget Within” course coming soon!)

But he insisted. And I took it.

Yep, I literally tricked a schoolboy out of his lunch money.

I’ve never been prouder.

It’s weird that, as a magician, I landed residencies at top-tier sports clubs, got to work in the swankiest venues, and earned thousand’s doing card tricks at trade shows, but…

I’ve never earned a sweeter £5 in my life.

Look out for significant sales like these.

It’s easy for someone with a giant wallet to grab your low ticket offer as a way of saying thanks for letting them pick your brain for an hour.

I had that with “Sent.”. A few folk grabbed the course and never looked at the emails.

(I know this because I have a third eye that grants me psychic powers… and an email system that shows me who opens the emails and watches the videos)

I’m not complaining – a sale is a sale…

But if you want to know you’re on the right track, look out for the 15-year-old boy who’s willing to skimp on his lunchtime pasty because he’s blown away by what you’ve got to offer.


P.S. Did you click on the “If I created something showing you a simple way to come up with all the email ideas you’ll ever need, meaning you NEVER run out of things to talk about… would you like me to send you the link?” email? 

If so, keep at least one of your eyes on the lookout for an email from me over the next few days.

The subject line will start “[CLICKERS ONLY]”.

No more clues.