[LAST CHANCE] do you wanna be a clicker?

War… violence… negativity…

But enough about date night…

I stopped watching the news years ago, but I’ve started again after feeling out of the loop.

(Binge-watching episodes of Newsround with John Craven from September 1984 counts, right? Oh, I see the Prince and Princess of Wales had a second son. That’s nice.)

This causes me a problem.

I hate watching the news, but I hate not knowing what the heck is going on even more. So, like choosing a peach from the bag I dropped – BLOODY TWICE – on my way out the supermarket…

… absorbing “just enough” news is my way of choosing the best of a bad bunch.

It’s like when I speak to business owners who don’t enjoy marketing. Don’t get me wrong, they love the “clients sliding into their DMs offering to pay them money” part…

It’s the “coming up with new ideas and writing them down well enough so they don’t hate themselves” slog-a-thon that’s the distinctly unfun bit.

If you ever see someone on Tinder whose hobbies include “staring at a blank page and being mocked by the flashing cursor of doom”… RUN!

You’ll probably have seen ads for content planners, templates, and writing prompts while you’ve been scrolling.

I’ve got nothing against stuff like that, Bee Tee Dubs.

I can’t really, can I? I mean, I give you a year’s worth of prompts inside my GOOGLE DRIVE OF AWESOMENESS!!!!.

Gotta be honest though… if I was a business owner looking to separate myself from the competition AND make my marketing easy peasy…

I wouldn’t be looking at fill-in-the-blank templates… or “copy and paste” formulas…

Partly because I’d know I’m not the only one using ‘em, but also…

I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when I create something of my very own. 

And I’ve never got that from using a “[INSERT BIG BENEFIT HERE]” style template.

It just doesn’t feel right to me, you know?

The good thing is, you don’t need to be a copywriter to come up with endless content ideas.

That’s why I’ve been working on a lil’ “something-something” any business owner can use to create all the content they need… starting from a blank page.

It’s NOT about learning cutting-edge copywriting techniques.

It’s NOT about being “creative”. And…

It’s NOT copy and paste (or “fill in the blanks”)

But it IS:

SIMPLE – you can do this while sitting on the toilet (I’m not saying you SHOULD, I’m just saying that’s how easy it is. You do you, babe… no judgement here… you big weirdo)

QUICK – you’ll discover how you can go from blank slate to having enough ideas for a week’s worth of daily emails in less than 15 minutes (that’s 15 minutes A WEEK, not per day).

CHEAP – you don’t need to live an extravagant lifestyle, or buy any programs or tech to make this work. Even though I stopped stalking you 3 years ago… I’m absolutely certain you already have everything you need.

EASY TO START – you’ll be able to put this to work the minute the training is over (especially if you’re heading to the loo!).

Here’s the catch (not really)…

First time around, I’m only sending the link for this to “clickers”… so if you didn’t click the link in my last email to tag yourself in my system, this is your last chance. 

Click here and I’ll let you know when the training is ready.


P.S. If you clicked the link in the last email, you don’t need to click that ^^^ one…

But we both know you’re going to anyway, just to make sure…

… before clicking it AGAIN, just in case the second click cancelled out the first. 🙂