Is this ONE word the quickest and easiest “copy secret” you’ll ever discover?

Subject line: Fastest HWILAT eva!

I’ve posted the latest “incident” of “Here’s What I Like About This…”.

* I was gonna go with “episode”, but that feels a little too grand. “Incident” feels more accurate.

If you’re expecting a 3-hour marathon breakdown of every single aspect of a 60-page sales letter, including deep dives into all psychological nuances…

You’re gonna be disappointed.

Cos this is the fastest HWILAT ever!

In less than 5 minutes, you’ll discover the ONE thing I’ve ever liked about Grammarly’s emails.

Not only that, but, sticking with the “one” theme…

This “copy secret” works because of ONE word.

It’s the kind of hack that, when you hear it, makes you think:

Bullshit Balderdash! That’ll never work”.

But it does. There’s science behind this one.

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