Before you go looking for a solution…

SUBJ: I think I’m going omad/ Here’s what’s on my vision board for 2022

I have an underactive thyroid.

Now you know.

“This is probably why you’re struggling to lose weight…” the doctor said…

… as I sat there munching my way through a KFC bargain bucket.

OK, fine. The KFC bit is a fib, but the underactive thyroid bit is true.

Thing is, though my underactive thyroid wasn’t helping “Operation Blubber Go Bye-Bye”… it wasn’t my real problem.

Being the kind of person who WOULD guzzle an entire bargain bucket during a doctor’s appointment was.

For me, eating has always been a way to make myself feel good.

^^^ That’s my REAL problem – comfort eating.

How is it I’ve survived on this planet for 46 years and still not found a healthy way to eat?

It’s not as if I have to wander the plains with a spear, hunting for it.

They put all the food in big buildings where I can just walk in and grab it whenever I like. 

If paleo man wanted fish and potatoes, it was a three-day hike between frozen lakes and the fields.

“We lost three men on the trek, but it was worth it for these 4 potatoes and this mouldy, half-eaten turbot!”

Me? I just have to walk three aisles and bend over slightly to pick up a bag.

It’s not as if I have lofty health ambitions either…

“Don’t get diabetes”.

That’s it.

My vision board consists of a photo of me wiggling ten non-gangrenous toes.

This sounds like a ramble, but here’s the takeaway:

Before you try a solution, make sure you’ve identified the REAL problem.

For example, I lost a ton of weight going to Slimming World, but…

I was still gorging on “free” treats – Muller light yoghurts, cottage cheese, pensioner ankle sweat … the kind of stuff that is loaded with fake sugars and shit like that.

Yes, I’m losing weight, but I’m still comfort eating. And it’s not even close to being “healthy”.

So I’ve been trying something new to slay the comfort eating dragon once and for all…


One Meal A Day.

I know that sounds like a diet (and I guess it is), but that’s not what I’m focusing on.

With one healthy meal a day, I know I’ll get enough nutrients to never be in danger of starving myself, but…

It gives me 23.5 hours every day to sit with the hunger – to experience it, feel it, and know I can get through it.

Every time I experience the hunger, feel every single inch of the discomfort, and NOT reach for the Tunnocks* counts as a rep.

* Holy hell. Someone should really check on Tunnocks to make sure they’re OK. I bet they’re stockpiling

(I don’t need to include a disclaimer here, do I? You know, reminding you I’m NOT a doctor, you should NOT follow my example NOR should you EVER base any of your lifestyle choices on stuff I’m doing.)

When it comes to fixing something – whether it’s losing weight, testing an upsell, or wondering where the hell the “pensioner ankle sweat” line came from – it pays to first dive deep and discover the problem.

Yeah, sales are down from last year, but is your assumption the market is flooded true? Or could there be another problem?

Yeah, the algorithm is a mercurial and demanding mistress, but is that really why your posts aren’t getting much traction?


But let’s dive in and find out what’s really going on before deciding how to solve it.

Active or underactive thyroid, I’m always going to struggle to attain the bikini body I’ve always dreamed of as long as I’m comfort eating.

Just like you’ll always struggle if you don’t look under the hood and discover what’s really causing the problem…


P.S. One of my other (non-toe) related goals this year is to grow my email list and boost my profile a bit.

One way I’m doing it is by giving presentations in Facebook groups and communities about email marketing.


If you’ve got a tribe whose lives would be better if they could make more sales or get more clients using the power of Greyskull email…

Hit reply and let’s talk.