I 100x’ed my fee (what happened next will NOT shock you!)

Since that subject line makes me sound like a bombastic, bragging buffoon, let me be totally transparent…

Since I’ve 100x’ed my fee… I’ve had ZERO clients.

No one. Not a sniff. Zilch. Nada.

And now I’ll muddy the waters again by saying…

I’m bloody DELIGHTED!

Here’s why…

You might know one of the previous careers I had a bash at – a list that includes: accountant, croupier, timeshare salesman, mental health social worker, and private investigator – was doing card tricks for drunk people.

You might also know that losing all my gigs because of a global pandemic gave me the shove to go all-in on copywriting, but the truth is…

I’m struggling to let the magician thing go.

It’s been nearly two years and I’m still clutching onto magic like a security blanket, just in case this copywriting thing should go belly up.

(Not likelee, considering how masterful me am with the wordies)

My magic website is still live, and I’ve set up a “thanks, but I’m fully booked” autoresponder to deal with any enquiries, but I have a problem…


Well, ONE agency in fact.

When a booking comes into most agencies, they just email performers to check their availability. All I have to do to not get the gig is ignore the email.

I can do that.

But one particular agency has gone high tech…

Giving clients the chance to book acts DIRECTLY from their website (including signing contracts and paying deposits).

Now, if you’re the kind of magician who’s shit hot at updating his online calendar, this is the dream “bookings on autopilot” scenario.


If you’re a copywriter who hasn’t visited the site in over two years, has lost his login, thus leaving his calendar wide open for bookings 24/7…


“Glenda B just booked you for 13/4/2022”.“
Alice just paid your deposit!”
“Contract for your gig attached…”

I get emails like these and panic for two reasons:
1) I’m going to upset a bride who thinks she just solved all her entertainment problems, and

2) Cancelling gigs on the site is…


This week, I’d finally had enough.

I clicked the “forgot password” button so I could log in and smash the hell out of the “Make all dates unavailable” button.

Nope. No button for that.

(Because that would be too easy)

The only way to mark myself as “unavailable” was to click individual dates, which opens a new window…

“Balls to this!”

I had no choice. I was going to have to burn my security blanket and hit the “Cancel account” button instead.

Nope. Not one of those either.

Turns out this agency hired Dan Brown to create their “artist cancellation” policy and, being the lazy sod I am, I couldn’t be arsed going on a treasure hunt.

I needed a new approach…

“How can I make myself so unattractive NO ONE would want to book me?”

As you can probably appreciate, being the handsome, talented, ripped (and shredded), charming, and witty individual I am, this was no easy task.
And then it hit me…

Just add two zeros to my fee!

Job done.

No bookings. No enquiries. Not even a “Surely that’s a typo?” sniff.

I’m 99% sure that if I went the other way – and made my prices ridiculously too cheap – I’d have the same result…

… but I don’t want to take the chance.

(At least this way, if someone DOES book me, it’ll be worth my while. I may even open a new deck)

Two button pushes were all it took to take me from full-time professional magician to “will do card tricks for food”.

Everything else – the photos, the copy, the testimonials – stayed the same.

A lot of elements go into creating offers. It’s worth knowing which elements matter most to yours.

It’s handy for me to know that “un100x-ing” my price could make the bookings flood in again should my copy career head south.

It might not be the price for you though…

So test different hooks, angles, ads, promotions, bonuses, audiences, delivery methods…

… anything you think could be the difference between a good and bad offer.

It’s good to know you don’t have to burn your offer to the ground if it’s not performing as well as you’d hoped.

Who knows, it might just be one thing holding you back.

Like me, you could be just two little button pushes away from your dream result.

[witty signoff]

John Holt