Want to generate an endless amount of ideas? Do this

I know this is probably going to annoy the hell outta you, but I’m going to be a teensy weensy bit vague in this email.

(I don’t get many “You better not tell your ‘email club’ about me, Holt!” clients, so this is a rare one)

. . .

I’ve recently been tag-teaming a project with another writer, we’ll call him… or her… Robert Downey Jnr.

It’s a bit of a big gig, but Robert and I seem to be doing pretty well. So well in fact that, as of writing this, we remain “unfired”.

The project’s hard going though. Not so much writing the emails. It’s coming up with hooks that’s the tricky bit.

Let me give you a vague-enough-so-I-don’t-get-fired-but-specific-enough-to-make-you-realise-how-hard-it-was example…

We were tasked with writing a 36-email long sequence.

No problem for two fearless copywriters, right?

Here’s the thing…

All 36 emails had to be focused on a VERY SPECIFIC feature of the offer.

Think about that for a second.

(OK, maybe 5 seconds…)

Imagine you had to write 36 emails about the latest Ferrari, but could ONLY talk about the colour of the hubcaps…

Most people struggle coming up with ONE “hooky” way of looking at something, let alone 36.

It was even more of a challenge in our case because initially, I got the maths wrong. 

I thought we only had to come up with 18 hooks. That’s when I hopped on our brainstorming call and Rob informed me I’d only counted my half.

Turns out 10 + 8 + 10 + 8 does NOT equal 18.

(I checked it…TWICE! Besides, you don’t argue with Ironman)

46 seconds into the Zoom call and things were already twice as bad as I thought.

Long story short, we did it – 36 different hooks on a single idea.

You wanna know HOW we did it?

Was it Nootropics?

Did we cannonball 3 litres of Red Bull and binge-watch Sabrina The Teenage Witch for inspiration?


We did it the same way anyone does anything:

Because we bloody well had to!

You can Google productivity hacks all you like, but give yourself a hard “do this by then or else” deadline… and trust me… you’ll make shit happen.

Nothing moves people more than necessity.

Try to come up with an idea for a new offer… and you’ll get ONE new idea.

Try to come up with TEN (and give yourself a deadline that makes your heart skip, skip a beat*)… and see what magic you create.

* Damn you, Olly Murs…

So next time you’re gathering all your multi-coloured markers and tabs, ready to time block your life into 17-second increments in that pristine planner you got for Christmas, don’t forget to toss in a deadline for a little extra UMPH!

John Holt

P.S. In the next few weeks I’m launching something that’ll help you take the hassle out of making sales with your emails.

In “Sent.”, I showed you an easy approach to writing emails from scratch, this will do the opposite – I’ll be writing them for you.

Best of all, it’s a “Done for You” offer… WITHOUT the hefty price tag.

I’m popping this “P.S.” here because one of the benefits of this offer will be that you’ll NEVER struggle to come up with hooks and email ideas again because…

I’ll be doing it for you.

If I had any sense, I’d keep this email in my drafts folder and pop it in my launch sequence, but I wanted to send it now to turn YOU into a productivity beast…

… and ME into a hook-generating machine!