Am I interrupting you?

“You scared the hell out of me!”, I yelled as my headphones quietly continued painting a picture of serenity…

“… the calm blue ocean, gently lapping at your feet…”

“What do you want?”, I said.

“Nothing… I thought you were working.”

I wasn’t working. I was meditating.

Correction: I was TRYING to meditate.

My daughter had other plans… 

While I was counting my breaths, she’d come into the room, recreated a weird TikTok ‘thing’, scared 65% of my lunch out of me…

… and then left.

Me? I was now terrified of closing my eyes again.

Chances of me translocating back to the beach and becoming one with the universe?


Meditation over.

(It reminds me of this very old golf joke.)

It doesn’t take much to knock you off your stride.

Best laid plans and all that.

It’s a handy reminder that, if you want to bump your productivity up a notch, forget planners and plugins…

Look for the interruptions you tend to experience.

Think about:

– How you can minimise the chances of them happening

– What you can do to get back on track when they do happen

… cos they bloody well will.

A quick “I’m off for a meditation. If you could hold off from barging into my room and waving your hands like an over-caffeinated airport marshall having a seizure for the next half hour… that would be lovely. before I started would’ve minimised the chances of my tranquility being interrupted.

In fact, it makes my ACTUAL solution – sending my daughter to a Venezualan young offenders camp for three months – seem pretty extreme.

Ah well… you live and learn, right?

John Holt

P.S. Hang on…


Why would barging in and scaring me while I was working be any better?

I’m glad I went with the Venezualan option now…