Feel icky when asking for the sale? Add this sentence to your next email…

Something useful for you today, but It’s only fair I warn you…

I’m going to quote The Bible in about 45 seconds. It won’t be an exact quote, for two reasons:

1. I’m kinda curious to see how much I remember from Miss Morriss’s Sunday School class

(“Very little”, I suspect, given my life choices)

2. I don’t want the suffer whatever targeting ads you get after Googling Bible verses

(I can’t afford to set fire to ANOTHER laptop)

– – – 

A lot of folks who sign up for my email writing course, “Sent.” struggle asking for the sale.

They know they need to do it, but if someone could show them how to do it in a way that doesn’t make them feel a bit sick as they’re doing it…

That would be lovely, thank you very much.

Since “Sent.” is no longer available, I thought I’d offer you something in case sleaze free selling is something you’d like to get better at.

Here’s my tip:

If you want to get better at asking for the sale…

Get better at asking for the sale.

Start ASKING your audience to do stuff in EVERYTHING you put out – social posts, emails, or passive-aggressive vibes.

Get them to hit reply, comment below, reverse their underpants, lick your gran…

Doesn’t matter.

And if asking for the sale REALLY makes the back of your knees sweat, start by asking for real easy stuff.

Start wherever you are, and go from there.

You’re not looking to impress Jordan Belfort.

Your goal is to develop the habit… to get comfortable asking people to do things.

(Bonus points if you pay attention to what works and what doesn’t as you go)

Because, as the Bible (possibly) says:

(Here goes…)

“Seek and ye shall find. Ask and it shall be given. Knock, and a door… something something.”

Miss Morris might be disappointed in me, but you get the idea.

If you want something, you gotta ask for it.

So what are you going to ask next time you post? Hit reply and let me know.

John Holt