[3 HOURS LEFT] to save over 10% on “Sent.”

“Sent.” – my email writing course for business owners is still available at its “insanely low”* price…

… but only for 3 hours.

* I know you might think that’s marketing hype, but someone other than me genuinely said it, so I’m bleeding that sucker dry!

Email is – by a country mile – the BIGGEST ROI for small businesses, but unless you’ve got a reliable system for writing emails your audience not only opens but BUY from…

… it don’t mean jack, Jack.

To solve this, you COULD hire a copywriter (ahem!) to write your emails for you. That’s a great solution, but it’ll cost you £’000s each month…

You COULD download so many fill-in-the-blank templates you need to ask Bill Gates if you can borrow his servers to store ‘em all, but…

… if you’re only filling in the occasional blank, your voice will be off, your personality won’t shine through, and you’ll never truly connect with your audience. 

And connection is what gives your peeps the confidence to whip out their wallet and buy from you…

What if there was a simple, day-by-day approach you could follow so you can fearlessly brave the blank page every day and write an email that not only FEELS like you wrote it but also SELLS… without dialling the sleaze factor up to a gazillion?

What if, instead of a template, you could be guided by a simple checklist that gives you the freedom to be “you” AND the confidence to hit send every single time?

Good news! For the next 3 hours… there is! And… you can!

Click here to save OVER 10% on “Sent.” before MIDNIGHT (UK time)

John Holt

Two quick things:

1. Next time I talk about “Sent.”, the price will be over £100. That’s why you’re saving at least 10% when you grab it before midnight.


2. I’ll say it now, cos someone always asks. Sorry, but I can’t make any exceptions. 

Midnight is midnight. A deadline is a deadline.

I can guarantee you only two things in life:

1. If you leave me in a room alone with chocolate, it WILL be gone before you return.

2. I will never, ever send you an “ARRGH! – the internet crashed!” / “I just found 33 more ebooks in my Dad’s y-fronts” / “there was a problem with my cart” / ”OMG – you’re a Capricorn? Why didn’t you say?”

… or any other excuse dodgy folk use to extend their promotion.

If you want to pick up “Sent.” at its bargain price, here’s the link:


It’s good for the next three hours.