What do I have to do to get you on all fours?

I’m working on a call to action and need your help.

I’m looking to create something that works every single time, but I’m struggling.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  1. I open the wicker basket drawer and loudly rustle some of the bags inside.
  1. Then I go to the cupboard, grab a glass, and pour myself a drink of water.
  1. After I’ve drunk the water, I grab my coat from the back of the door and jangle my keys as I put them in my pocket.

It’s not perfect, but I reckon it’s working about 33% of the time so far.

It needs work.

What do you reckon?

What would get you panting in excitement on all fours…

… if you were a dog?

– – – 

I know it’s hardly an Indiana Jones-like quest, but I bloody hate going up the stairs and having to stir my dog for our morning wander.

That’s why I’m trying to build this Rube Goldberg/Pavlov-style routine that tells him:


… so he comes downstairs on his own.

Weird dog experiments to one side, I know a lot of folks worry about using “call to actions” or CTAs (cos I ain’t typing that out each time) in emails and social posts.

I get it. The CTA is the part that determines whether you cross over the “sleazy line” or not.

If you don’t include a crystal clear CTA, your readers are left wondering if you actually have something for sale. But…

CTA it up TOO much… and you’ll put people off and be labelled a sleazeball for the next 285 days.

It’s a fine balance.

One of the best ways of finding a happy medium is by paying attention to how YOU react to CTAs.

Think about the last thing you bought from an email. What was it about the CTA that made you confidently reach for your wallet, rather than the unsubscribe button?

Ever been turned off by a CTA so sleazy you wanted to scrub your eyeballs with Dettol after reading it?

Stop for a second and ask WHY.

Slowly, you’ll get a clearer image of where your sleazy/non-sleazy line is… and what you need to do to be on the right side of it.

Of course, I’d be an imbecile if I didn’t point out that crafting non-sleazy CTAs is something I cover in “Sent.” – my simple “day-by-day” email writing course that shows you how to write an email your subscribers love… and actually sounds like you wrote it.

It’s NOT about complicated copywriting techniques and there are NO copy and paste templates.

(Actually, that’s a lie. There is a BONUS template. But you’ll have to click the link to see what it is)

if you want to discover a way of facing the blank page and writing an email that asks for the sale WITHOUT needing a 3-hour shower to get all the ick off you…

… you might like it.

Don’t take my word for it though… click this 100% sleaze-free link and see for yourself!

Fair warning – after 30th November “Sent.” is going back in the vault and I have no idea when it’ll be coming out again.

If you have any questions about this…

… or any insights into how to make my dog walking life easier, then hit reply and ask. 

John Holt

P.S. Even though I created “Sent.” for business owners with ZERO copywriting skills, and NOT for copywriters…

I’ve still had a fair few copywriters jump on the course.

One, a lovely chap called Radu, sent me a message the other day:

“Hey John, just wanted to say your email writing course is fantastic. I bought it a week ago and I love how detailed you go each day. 

“Honestly, the way you’ve set it all up is fantastic, I think it’s just right. I know I’m not a business owner. But I love how you set up the checklist, the email about emotions that one was really, really good. 

“It’s funny how you mentioned Dagenham, I live there. :)”

(I know I didn’t need to include the “Dagenham” part, but it’s been a while since I’ve done anything “open loop-y”, so thought I’d keep it. Besides, you REALLY wanna know now, don’t you?)

If you’ve already got an approach for effortlessly cranking out emails your subscribers love, you don’t need “Sent.”.

If you haven’t, then check this out and see if it’s a good fit for you… while you still have time.