A surprising side effect

One of the more surprising side effects of having an evergreen course is that I occasionally forget the bloody thing exists.

I got a message last week from a “Sent.” customer, saying they’d mentioned it to a few of their friends.

(Always a good sign when customers mention you to people they actually care about)

He also gave me a quote that was so damn awesome, I threw down my tuba and rushed to my laptop, so I could add it to the precious above-the-fold real estate on my sales page.

Here’s the quote:

“It’s the best course on email marketing I’ve done. Including the Shrimp one!”

So yeah… I have an email writing course.

But not for long.

Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn.

I’m popping “Sent.” back into my imaginary – but impenetrable – vault at the end of November.

Quite a few copywriters have taken the course and told me I’m insane for making it this cheap.

“You should be charging three figures for this”, they all said.

(Though sadly not all at the same time. That would’ve made for a potentially glorious barbershop quartet moment)

That’s why I’m giving you a quick heads up.

The next time I offer “Sent.”, I’m probably going to lift it into the three-figure category.

But you can still find it at its “insane” price here until the 30th of November:


If someone you love wants to write better emails, feel free to send them the link.

If someone you hate wants to write better emails, feel free to send them the link…

… NEXT YEAR. It’ll cost them more. 😉