Facebook/Meta Branding

I know I’m a bit late to the Facebook/Meta party, but…

If you’re a business owner, I hope you spotted the branding lesson.

There’s a lot of bluster about branding.

We probably all know someone who’s holding back from taking action in their business because they haven’t:

– Designed the perfect business card yet

– Come up with an eye-catching logo that’s “ME”

– Chosen which of the 843 different shades of pink their website background should be

None of these ^^^ are “branding”.

Not really.

Branding is simple:

“How do people talk about you when you’re not there”?

You can have the snazziest website, the slickest 60-second pitch, and business cards that would make Patrick Bateman want to take an axe to your skull, but…

If someone asks about you when you’re not there and hears stuff like:

“Yeah, he’s OK. Mind you, I paid him £500 quid for a rush job on my website a few months ago and he still hasn’t got round to doing it. Oh, and he never gets back to you…”

^^^ That’s your branding.

Facebook… Meta… Blue logo… Loopy logo…

Does anyone really give a shit about that stuff?

I don’t see people leaving in droves… or suddenly clamouring to jump on board because Facebook/Meta FINALLY have a logo they can get on board with.

Want to work on your branding?

Think about what you want people to say about you behind your back and then do the things that’ll make that happen.