This email worked so well, a TV star called me!

As soon as my phone rang, I bolted up off the couch, so I could hide the caller ID from my wife.

“I’m going to take this… in my car.”, I said, not suspiciously at all.

Sneaking around my wife’s back, whether it’s to buy an extra pack of Tunnocks, to buy two extra packs of Tunnocks, or to hook up with a stranger never feels good…

… but this time it would be worth it.

Sorry to disappoint you, there was no dodgy affair going on.

I was actually sneaking around for HER.

You see, if she’d have seen the phone, she’d have spotted the name “Jay Blades”.

If you don’t know Jay, he’s a TV presenter here in the UK on furniture renovation-based shows, like Money For Nothing and The Repair Shop.

My wife is a massive fan of his. She’s also into upcycling, so during one of the three moments in my life when I wasn’t being a selfish tool, I thought
I’d surprise her and see if I could connect her with Jay, so he could give her some pointers.

Which is why I was running to my car and covering my phone in a perfectly natural manner…

Long story short – Jay ended up “kind of” mentoring my missus by being available for calls to answer questions whenever she needed help.

And all I had to do to get a TV star to mentor my wife?

Send him an email.

A COLD email too!

(In fact, I’ve just checked… an email from a random bloke in Cheshire to a TV star registers as “Wim Hof” on the cold email scale)

And while I can’t share the exact email for obvious reasons (you guessed it – the graphic nudity), I can point you in the direction of something that can help.

I didn’t realise it at the time but reading the email back now, I can see how following “the Checklist” made success much more likely.

“The Checklist” is something I give out on day 2 of “Sent.” – my email writing course.

It’s a short – but mightily powerful – framework for writing ANY email to ANYONE to achieve pretty much ANYTHING.


If you fancy getting your hands on “The Checklist”, you can find out more about “Sent.” – including all the lovely things people have said about it here:

Having a strong framework like “The Checklist” goes beyond “just” email writing though.

Get yourself a proven framework and you’ll be able to clearly communicate ideas to people in a way that gets them to act… in ANY medium.

Read that again and tell me you wouldn’t like that superpower.

And it’s not about turning the sales pressure up to 11 or carefully plotting together a sequence of magical copywriting words.

In fact, when you see a great copywriting checklist, you’ll probably be surprised at how “natural” it feels… and the results it gets.

I’d be lying – and a lot more wealthy – if I said “The Checklist” was the only framework out there. Truth is, there are tons of copywriters with great systems for creating compelling copy.

My advice? Find a copywriter you enjoy reading and grab their system.

If you want to check out “Sent.”, here’s the link again:

Have a great week,

John Holt