Which of these 5 things do you want me to send you?

A while back, when I was running low on content ideas because I love you so much, I sent you a quick survey, asking how I can help make your life better.

If you missed the survey, got abducted by aliens, or joined my email club after I posted it (and those are the ONLY three excuses I’ll allow), you can join in the fun here:

If you saw the Google link for this survey it would melt your brain, so thank god I hyperlinked this sentence instead.

I should probably mention that, should you complete the survey (it’s three questions, so not the mightiest of challenges), you’ll be rewarded with a video giving you some tips on creating a “super signature” you can paste at the bottom of your emails to pick up sales.

Anyway, back to this email…

In answer to the “What’s the #1 thing…” question, I got a whole bunch of answers. Now I want your help to whittle it down even further.

Don’t worry, you don’t even have to leave this email to do it. 

All you have to do is click the option that you’d most like me to create for you.

So… which of these four things would you rather have?

1. Fill-in-the-blank style emails you can “copy and paste” to your list to make sales

2. “How to be funny in your marketing”

3. Training that’ll help you create higher converting landing and sales pages

4. A collection of funny email templates for various business-related “asks” (“can I appear on your podcast?”, “Here’s your 17th reminder to pay my invoice…”, “Any chance of a testimonial I can use to show people I’m not shit?”)

Just click the one you like most and I might just make it a reality.

Oh, and if you’re sad about me creating a list and NOT tossing in a comedic option…

5. A signed photo of Bonnie Langford.

You’re welcome.

Of course, if nothing on the list tickles your fancy, feel free to hit reply and tell me what you need.


Have a great week,