Did it go in?

“If I held it open with my finger, would that help it go in easier?”

“Bend down a bit… I can’t see where I’m squirting.”

“Try tilting your head back more, so I can get it all in…”

I don’t know if they give out trophies based on the number of innuendos possible while administering medical treatments, but if they did…

“Putting in eyedrops” would have every single one of them.

I’ve been taking eye drops for a couple of weeks now.

The first couple of days I was shockingly bad at using them. If you’d have been watching, it would’ve looked like I wasn’t even trying.

I think most of it landed in my left ear.

How can I be so terrible at dropping something into my eyeball from two inches away?

How can I be the same species as the guy who can dunk a biscuit into a cup of tea… WHILE DOING A SODDING BUNGEE JUMP?

Fast forward a few weeks and it’s a different story.

(For me, not him… though he’s probably progressed to bungee based dentistry by now)

I can Dude Perfect the hell outta these eye drops.

“This is Dude Perfect and today I’m going to be putting in eyedrops while parachuting in a force 5 hurricane with my hands tied behind my back…”

Seems I just needed time to get into the swing of it, or to put it another way…

To get it in my eye, I had to “get my eye in”.

It’s like riding a bike – once you’ve got the knack. You’re good.

I think most marketing activities are like me using eye drops – uncomfortable, weird, and messy to start with, but after a while, you start to “get it”…

You pick up habits that make writing emails a doddle…

You get a “spidey sense” of what your market is responding to…

(Oh! Speaking of super powers… Laser surgery update: Day 8 and still no obvious super powers gained. Looks like I bought that leotard for nothing)

You build the confidence to hit “send”.

[WARNING: tenuous link approaching]

It reminds me…

I explore a great way to “get into the swing” of writing compelling emails in my day-by-day course “Sent.”. 

I can’t spill the whole thing here (that wouldn’t be fair), but here’s the gist:

Focus on the process, not the result.

When you focus on putting in the reps, a whole host of good things happen.

The main one being that it makes “getting your eye in” pretty much automatic, so you start getting better results, making sales, and building some momentum.

If you want to “get your eye in” to writing the kinds of emails your subscribers love, feel free to check out “Sent.”. Here’s a link to help you on your way:


Have a great Friday,

John Holt

P.S. I boosted the tally of videos in my “Here’s what I like about this…” YouTube playlist yesterday by an amount not totally dissimilar to the number “1”…

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