How to write a non-sleazy, zero-slimeball, and zero-hype “LAST CHANCE” email

“This is your very, very, very LAST and FINAL chance…”

“Buy now or you’ll be disappointed for the rest of your life!”

“If you don’t click this buy button in the next five minutes, I’ll smother your grandmother…”

A lot of business owners don’t like “LAST CHANCE” emails.

They feel sleazy, slimy, and a few other “ewwwww”-y words.

But what if I told you there was another way to write a “DOORS CLOSING” email that still brought in da salez, but…

… doesn’t make you want a hot shower after hitting “send”?

Good news – there is!

In today’s exciting episode of “Here’s what I like about this…”, I’m looking at a “LAST CHANCE” email that won’t make you feel sleazy, slimy, or result in the needless asphyxiation of any octogenarians.

Pensioners of the world – REJOICE! For Justin Blackman is here to save you…

Direct your cursor over this sentence and make a clicking action to discover how to write a “LAST CHANCE” email you’ll be delighted to send to your list.

John Holt